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24th Biennial – europalia.india: 4 Oct 2013 – 26 Jan 2014 (Belgium)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 14, 2013


europalia.india: 4 October 2013 till 26 January 2014


For its 24th biennial, Europalia International will bring India to the heart of Europe. During 4 months you can discover this mysterious and fascinating country, where different cultures meet, interact and bring about a unique creativity.

europalia.india will translate India’s immense cultural wealth into a multidisciplinary programme comprising exhibitions, concerts, dance and theatre performances, conferences, cinema and literature events.

Manuel Hermia, François Garny, Michel Seba, Purbayan Chatterjee

Manuel Hermia, François Garny, Michel Seba, Purbayan Chatterjeebansuri, basse, percussion & drums, sitar

Bollywood Brass Band

Bollywood Brass Band

(source: 10/2013 – Europalia International| europalia.india)

Download the Booklet (PDF)… 


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