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19 Responses to “Contact …”

  1. keerthimani said



  2. udyanka jalan agarwal said

    really intrested in all the future programmes


  3. krishan said

    I am writing a research work on “RULE LAW AND SYSTEM”, plans to prepare a corporate training program and a dance ballet, we are looking for dancers, musicians and writers to work-write with me suitable for TV and drama, please contact me ASAP. MUMBAI, INDIA.


  4. udhayakumar said

    am new to this site, am a theatre personality, jz now i heared abt this festival, behalf mine am having 15 members in this same folk and theatre arts, i donna hw to contact and participate in this festival. if there is any chance means plz inform me through call or mail

    thanking you

    yours truely


  5. arshad said

    hi this is arshad classical israj player i love to perform in your festivals if you want to see my israj video go in youtube and type it arshad israj this is my very short bio


    Arshad khan has been intiated into music in his early age by his father ustad Allauddin khan . arshad belonging to Delhi Gharana . arshad has performed in solo Israj at many confrences and festival including like The Baba hari ballabh festival ( punjab ) kal ke kalakar festival ( mumbai ) he has B ( high Grade ) from All India Radio and Doordarshan . he has also performed in GERMANY , ROME , BOSNIA , DENMARK , DUBAI He has also accompanied with the eminent the great mestro of ghazal USTAD GHULAM ALI KHAN SAHAB USTAD SALAMAT ALI KHAN SAHAB AND AND SHAFAQAT ALI KHAN AND MIDVIL PUNDIT SHEAL MIKAA SINGH HANSRAJ HANS AND MANY MORE . NOW HE IS WORKING IN NEW DELHI IN GHAZAL SINGING CONTACT NO .00919873019823..9870004552


  6. Madhu Vora said

    Is there anyway to obtain/purchase any recordings of these conferences ?

    Thank you very much


  7. feel free to visit our website with all the playlists 2006-2009/2010:
    Some live recordings you will find there…

    Another source might be our Video database: .

    Enjoy listening to good music !


  8. Hi!This is Kamala Shankar,I want to perform in your festival.You can listen to my music in you tube.
    with regards


  9. Ratna Dutta said

    I am interested of your all programes,But I dn’t know how to participate….if you listen my voice ,will you allow me…?How do I send my voice to you?


    • Ratna Dutta said

      with very very regards


    • Hello, dear Ratna ! – Tks coming in and for your interests. If you want come onair @ IMCRadio.Net its very easy…. send us your recordings by a download link. Don’t send it as email attachment. Upload your recordings in high fidelity audio quality to a file server (e.g. cost free or etc….) and just send the download link via mail you get from here: . For our journalistic work we need a fully CV, too… a biography with all datas, inclusive concert tour dates (of the past/future), press reports, images (profile pics, photos documenting stage performances). If you should have released CDs or DVDs we expect the fully album to get (same you can upload to one of the upper named file sharing servers and just send the download link) inclusive the cover image. THat’s it… we follow strictly a content planning as you can see by the different topics of the past ( ). IMC – India meets Classic is promoting an inter-cultural dialogue between South Asia/India and Europe… so we are not a “juke box” just creating playlists. The dates of broadcasting in Austria, Switzerland and Germany you find here as Google Calendar: . So fare… warm regards/TC – Hearing from you, Greetings/ElJay R. (founder/owner/producer/moderator)


  10. Heeralall Sewnath said

    Who is the organisers of the World Hindi conference. Please forward their contact details.


    • Hello, dear Heeralall S. ! – Its great you are interested in as this event yet isnt well know. 2012 was organized by Pravasi Duniya, Aksharam, Hansraj College, Delhi University, and was supported by ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) and Vishnu Prabhakar Janmstabdi Committee… The documentary of 2012 you get here: . I suppose the best is you get in contact visiting the website: Good luck ! – And let us know what you intend for 2013… TC/ElJay (Founder/owner of promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic)


  11. Bhargavi said

    I have heard a lot about Saptak and I am intrested in it, I am a school going girl and I am in singing group I want to participate
    in Saptak. How can I participate?


    • Hello…. yes, Saptak is one of the most well known and highly established event for Indian Classics… The Saptak is taking place annually in Ahmedabad beginning of the new year and presents the best of the best artists (instrumentalists, vocalists) – . You can see the latest programme of Saptak 2012 here: . I suggest you contact the event managent directly. You find the contact datas on the website: . If you should be an upcoming artist, maybe its good you proof the Saptak School to enter and build up your contacts there: . Good luck !


  12. 31 JANUARY, 2012

    Hon;ble Madam / Sir ,

    In past 100 years,
    Delhi has developed a lot
    but the river Yamuna has constantly decayed…

    It is time to stop destruction of Yamuna!

    In the coming new year,
    let us make a fresh beginning
    & bring back life to our beloved river Yamuna.

    The pollution in Yamuna and other rivers of the country is a grave problem known to all of us. One of the main sources of this pollution is the dumping of flowers, plastic bags, agarbatti packets and other worship materials by the people. Any amount of cleaning of river Yamuna will not work until the dumping of this material into the river is not stopped.

    Our organization, Youth Fraternity Foundation, have been working with a solution to this problem with a project named “Pushpanjali Prawah”.

    The concept behind this project is to collect these sacred wastes *from their point of creation*: temples, shops, homes etc. respectfully and dispose/recycle this material in an appropriate manner, without causing any pollution to the river or causing air pollution caused by burning of this waste. We have run this program successfully at small scale in few area in Delhi and Mumbai for some time.

    With availability of funds, this program can be easily expanded to all areas of Delhi as a sustainable sacred waste management system. We have discussed this idea with several temples as well as leaders of various religious organizations, and all of them have extended their consent and support for this system.

    If you are seeking a solution to this problem, we would be happy to assist you fully in setting up this system. SAVE YAMUNA @ SAVE DELHI

    With Warm Regards

    Gopi Dutt Aakash
    President, YFF INDIA
    Mo. 98185 92979


    • Dear Gopi Dutt Aakash!

      …. tks for your interests and sharing your project. Interesting…. you just landed in the section “contacdt”. I may suggest, that you put your comment relating to the topic you are working on. Maybe you yet have not noticed, that within the “India Week Hamburg 2011” ( ) we in the Hanseatic city Hamburg are colaborating with India/Dehli and some institutions there to handle environment protection.

      So I may suggest you post your comment here: . And check out the short info clicking for sizing the graphic info: (its in English, too).

      Warm regards
      promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic
      ElJay Arem
      (Founder/Owner/Media Producer/Moderator)


  13. Mala Mohan said

    Dear Mr. Eljay Arem
    I received a mail from you with regards to the Documentary Film i had made on Dr. Pinakapani who passed away recently. I replied to you on Facebook, but not sure whether you received my message. I would like to know more about IMC and your work on the Carnatic and Hindusthani Music side. Please give me your email id so that i can communicate to you. Thanks


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