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India Music Week (N.Y.): Indian Electronic Music on the European Continent (Essay)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 12, 2013

One of six essays by Indian sound enthusiast and radio host ElJay Arem, exploring Indian/European electronic musical crossfertilizations… _________________________________________________________________________________


Indian Electronics on the European Continent (part 1 & 2)

Author: ElJay Arem (emusic [at]

… we look about musical activities in the European community which we can assign to the genre of Indian electronic music. At present the European community consists of 27 countries with approx. 500 million humans and three further countries, who already applied for a full membership: Croatia, Turkey and Macedonia as former Yugoslavian republic.


What makes Cologne so special – the starting point of our musical discovery journey – is that it has a world-wide meaning for electronic music as a whole. 1951 was decided by the director Hanns Hartmann of the North-West German broadcasting (nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk) to furnish a studio for electronic music…

Direct neighbour to Germany…

At Codarts three musicians became acquainted with each other, who published as trio Aesh their debut album of the same name in the year 2007. Aesh, that are Celine Wadier, trained in the oldest Indian vocal form, the Dhrupad, the Tabla player Heiko Dijker resident in Amsterdam we can found as programmer on the laptop and keyboards and Martijn Baaijens, likewise keyboard and on the Sarode…

City of Love… Ile-de-France…

The label Digital Bled represents the Portuguese Joao Pedro Veloso or just simply known as DJ Pedro. Pedro established himself in the suburbs of Paris in the 70’s. Already at the age of 11 years Pedro sucked the music of one of his neighbours, who was a trumpet player. One day he brought home a bandoneon to Pedro…

Portugal – Brazil (Sao Paulo)…

…a language relative of the Portuguese Pedro Veloso (Digital Bled) from Paris. Under the label Atman an artist from Brazil could establish himself in the scene of the Indian electronic music.

Fully length of article read as following PDF. – Let’s Vibe !

(Source: 10/2013 – IMW – India Music Week | Essays)



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