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Broadcast India Show 2013 (9-11th Oct)…. Conference & Preview.

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 9, 2013

Open your mind: at the conference 2013


The two day conference (9-10th Oct) that is hosted con-currently with the main exhibition is an important aspect of the Broadcast India Show (9-11th Oct). By inviting wide-spectrum participation from presidents, directors and proprietors of companies to engineers, technicians and technologists, it forms an interactive and enlightening backdrop for in-depth presentations, cross-pollinating discussions and analytical forums. Refreshing and enlightening and uni-focussed in both format and presentation, its goal will be to become the enhanced platform for informative and enlightening debates, along with product  promotion. In all, it will be one of the major contributors to draw out the inner energies of the participants and attendees  to realize their potential in myriad so far not deemed possible.

(Source: 10/2013  BI – Conference Topics)

Preview (exheition highlights)…

Conference (programme)…


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