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The IIC Experience—a Festival of the Arts (24-30 Oct 2007)…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 24, 2007

A Word about the Centre and the Experience.

This year the Centre organizes, for the fourth successive year —The IIC Experience—a Festival of the Arts.

IIC - Festival of Arts (24 - 30th Oct 2007)

What is distinctive about this annual festival is the sheer range it presents—dance, music, theatre, poetry readings, films, exhibitions and special cuisine. The festival spreads itself out in all the venues of the Centre and its Annexe, for seven days, from the mornings till late after dinner.

A few words about the Center for those who will attend the Festival for the first time. The India International Centre was a project conceived after a discussion in 1958, between Dr.S. Radhakrishnan, who was then Vice President of India, and John D. Rockefeller III. The Founder President of the IIC, Dr. C. D. Deshmukh, wrote of the Centre as a place for ‘exemplars of various cultures (to) stay together for a while… in order that the sharpness of intellectual exchange is softened by the graciousness of good fellowship’.

IIC - Festival of Arts (24 - 30th Oct 2007)

Complementing and concretizing this vision are the superb architectural creations of Joseph Allen Stein that flow alongside the historic and magnificent Lodhi Gardens. Stein conceived of the IIC as ‘a place where a certain kind of relationship exists –between the garden and the building and the water and the earth and the sky, and the learning and activities that take place and the things that happen…’

It is a matter of some pride that the Centre has, for over four decades substantially lived up to its promise, becoming over the years, the first choice for discourse, debate, and the total range of cultural activities, while providing space for quiet reflection and research; truly a ‘great rooted blossomer’, nurturing tradition, learning and creativity.

In ‘The IIC Experience’, organized annually by the Centre, performances held every evening in the Fountain Lawns provide its core. This year Bangalore’s Odissi troupe from Nrityagram will, with their performance, of ‘Ansh’ open the Festival, which will conclude with Girish Karnad’s play, Nagamandala presented by The Company, Chandigarh, directed by Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry.

IIC - Festival of Arts (24 - 30th Oct 2007)

A film festival, ‘Word to Image: The Literary Imagination and Cinema’ will present Indian and foreign films based on adaptations and transpositions of literary work into cinema. The exhibitions include photographs by Benoy K Behl on ‘The Monasteries of Rinchen Zangpo in Tibet and India’, Aerial Roots- Four Artists ‘Response to Nature’, installations and sculptures in the Gandhi-King Plaza and ‘Grand Trunk Road- The River of Life’ comprising two exhibitions, Documenting the Grand Trunk Road and GTR Alive! in the Annexe. Each evening ends with a special dinner.

The ‘IIC Experience’ 2007 has both quality and an exciting range, which we hope you will find enriching.

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