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A – Raga CDs of the Months (05/13): Mother Durga (MA Durga) – Patiency & Freedom of Fear

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on May 11, 2013

Goddess (Devi) Durga - Ma Durga (Mother Durga) riding her lion.

Raga Durga  is a 5 note raga (audav) – a pentatonic late evening raga. In the ascending and descending scale only five of the seven (7) main notes can be used: Sa Re Ma Pa Dha. The 3rd pitch Ga and 7th pitch Ni are not played which corresponds to the E and B in Western notation. All notes of Raga Durga are natural (suddha), thus neither diminished nor augmented. The modal form of Raga Durga is existing singular in North Indian Classics (Hindustani music).

Raga Durga belongs in the classification system of Hindustani to Bilawal Thaat. Raga Bilawal, one of the 10 main ragas is in its nature seen as “male”. All derived ragas same Durga belongs to are considered as female, as Ragini-s.

The origin of Raga Durga is not clear. Probably it was created in the late 18th /early 19th century. There exist the opinion that Raga Durga is derived from the South Indian Ragam „Suddha Saveri“ (Carnatic music). We find the same material of notes however with other 1st pitch also in Raga Malkauns or Bhupali. The 5 tone scales exist worldwide in many music systems, e.g. Greek pentatonic. As origin for Raga Durga only the region of South Asia can be assumed securely.

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Bolo Durga mai-ki-jai (Glory be to Mother Durga) on 10th day Devi Durga returns on the river to her  husband in the Himalayas

Bolo Durga mai-ki-jai (Glory be to Mother Durga) on 10th day Devi Durga returns to her husband in the Himalayas on the river

Ma Durga – Mother Durga is one of the highest female divinities of India. In honours of Durga in different Indian Federal States and close neighbourhoods such as Bangladesh and Nepal the Durga Puja is celebrated of several days (up to 10 days). „The Durga Puja“ is the most important religious celebration in Hinduismus.

Oh Divine Mother Come to Me, I Want
To Become One With You (Refrain).
Oh Divine Mother Let Me Hear, The Whisper
Of Your Gentle Voice (Refrain).
Oh Divine Mother Let Me See, The Love That
Reflects From Your Eyes (Refrain).
Oh Divine Mother Let Me Feel, The Joy That’s
Deep Within My Heart (Refrain).
Oh Divine Mother Let Me Know, How You
Protect And You Guide Me (Refrain).

The annual date is fixed after the Hindu sun and moon calendar Chaitra. Durga Puja is celebrated in the 7th month Ashwin, in the first 9 days. The moon movement (Tithi) plays a crucial role. The month of the moon consists of two halves, the first full moon phase and second new moon phase. Mahalaya, the first day of Durga Puja falls on the new moon day and celebrates the return of the married daughter Durga to her father Himalaya.

Navaratri: The 9 Divine Nights

Hindus mark the advent of winter with Navaratri which includes nights/days of fast and prayer to Durga, the Mother Goddess… [more]

10 Days with the Mother Goddess!

The festive season for Hindus begins with the fast of “Navaratri”, and ends with the festivities of “Dusshera” and “Vijayadashami.” Read about the different ways it is celebrated… [more]

Nava Durga: The Nine Appellations – The 9 Forms of The Mother Goddess

Nava – that also means ‘new’ – denotes ‘nine’ the number to which sages attach special significance. Hence, we have Nava-ratri (9 nights), Nava-patrika (9 leaves / herbs / plants), Nava-graha (9 planets), and Nava-Durga (9 appelletions).

Here’re the 9 manifestations of Goddess Durga. Each goddess has a different form and a special significance. Nava Durga, if worshipped with religious fervor, it is believed, lift the divine spirit in us and fill us with renewed happiness.

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(Source: 09/30/2008 – Subhamoy Das | since 1999 Hinduism Guide @ (Blog & Forum))

Goddess Gallery: Durga – Contemporary Paintings of Goddess Durga

A selection of contemporary the Mother Goddess Durga paintings by courtesy of Exotic India Art Gallery, New Delhi.

For bigger images please visit the website.

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