IMC – India meets Classic presents …

… radio shows for Indian (Music) Culture

The IMC Studio “on the road”… concept of an Entertainer Coach.

…written by ElJay Arem

How to concept Life itself, with Work & Home in combination all together ?

… have you ever thought, to do a fundamental switch, turn strictly or set a radical cut in your life ? – Here we come quickly to the relevant question: What means life itself ? – Is it what we are told early in our life by our parents, relatives or teachers, and later as an adult still by daily advertising clips on TV screen (so fare we watch TV regularly). Is life to be lead as we get advice in yellow press, by articles in life style or wellness magazines ? – Or even do we follow blindly what politicians try to tell us via daily news and voting campaigns how we should practice faith, health care, education of ourselves or that of our children and follow conservative, liberal, socialistic values of left, middle or right wing political parties ?

Mostly such questions we only ask in a very early stage of our life. After a professional education at university or as handcrafts man most people fall in love, engage and marry, fulfill their duty of having a 2 child family (so fare its not controlled by a 1-child national plan like in China), financing car and house, later on the more expensive education of own kids and working over 30-40 years to pay back the bank credits.

But what about if you set your targets differently, against the mainstream ? – Doing a different job, as I do… living a very different life style without these normal day-working and night-sleeping rhythms over five days per week plus two days weekend generally bring up the similar questions about the “how”, “what” and “when”. Maybe even more you have to ask yourself and make continuously new decisions if you explore total new territories absent of the regular and established markets as I started in 2005 with the conception of promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic. Never I have thought about to become a cultural journalist and/or a radio presenter which became a profession with passion since March 2006. It came to me, found me and over the years I enjoyed this very uniquely work to produce radio shows of InfoEduTainment formats… as a kind of mediator between different cultures (those of South Asia/India and Western/European roots).

So here we are again in the situation with a new decision… it didn’t pop up over night, its already a long process since 2010-2011 – even with lots o tries and errors (into the wrong direction). So its more about a steady learning to understand the conditions you are working in for now and for the closer future… and to keep stiff to have faith in your own way of doing your activities. – Moving between different cultures as I do it now since years, working as a “freelancer” and delivering media products to the masses via different channels and radio broadcasting gives you many options as the market has changed radically over the last 10-15 years.

Not only, that we have web based medias (e.g. web enabled radio or WebTV) and an increasing media convergence heavily pushed by the social medias (Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. …) during the last 10 years, more its an ongoing miniaturization of the media production and broadcasting technology itself. Meanwhile radio production is 100% digitalized and 95% software based. Nowadays broadcasting content is already a global market, with an input coming from everywhere (think about the huge Indian diaspora outside of India) and consumers of content who are spread around the globe following their personal interests.

So where to position within all these steady changes ? – Personally I always have understood myself as a producer, as an independent producer as I am used to be since 2005. I don’t see myself as a broadcaster… which is a very different “job” to run a radio or TV station. What counts for me and gives me the right self understanding is interesting content itself… and its relevance for our societies (as whole and for the individuals inside). We producers are the modern story tellers. Not in the way of cheap and boring entertainment. Story tellers over centuries helped from generations to generations to get answers about life relevant questions, to understand one self  as a human and the living as a social being within communities (e.g. family, villages, cities, companies, nations).

To make it short, under all these circumstances in the 21st century… my mind worked steadily over the last 2-3 years around the question: how do I want work to bring out the best of my own talents, connect with those who deliver the relevant content and present this content in adequate forms (formats) to the listeners (nowadays more to say: users).

Four main parameters I identified on my own by a critical proof which are important for me to feel well, to enjoy the daily and very time intensive and time consuming “job” as media producer over a longer period and to get in touch easily with relevant people and fulfill all functions for an easy going life (which does not mean to be lazy all long day):

1.) Independency = kind of liberty to be yourself
2.) Mobility = inspiration of mind, soul & body by steady learning
3.) Flexibility = getting access to new chances easily (at low costs) and
4.) Efficiency = being competitive by low costs + extra benefit: keeping up independency (as fare as possible).

What I mean as the right solution ? – Please have a look at such kind of free breezing life style realized by the Kellogg Family in USA…

I have choosen this kind of life style which is called in U.S.A. the RV lifestyle (RV = Recreational vehicle) as a demo by purpose. As we come close herewith to what I am planning for the closer future with progressing the home based IMC Recording studio (in Hanseatic City Hamburg) into a new dimension giving us new and uniquely possibilities.

So can look Life on the Road nowadays in a modern “Sleeper Bus” (Nightliner)

A functional concept of  Touring Bus in Europe…

 For today pls have a look at two scenarios of an “IMC Studio on the road” (draft 05/31/2013):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we yet start making first experiences with a mobile studio work (beside the basic “know how to do” living on the move by yachting) we target at with a smaller project (see scenario “OA and OB”)… here two short videos how such smaller motorhomes of 37′  and 5th wheel RVs of 36′ size can look like:


5th Wheel RV (with Bunk House)…



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