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IMC Policy…

Validity: melody (sound) – topics – tradition…

The IMC radio broadcastings follows the trend radio is deliberating itself upon the spoken word* … with music examples, which show the typical sound picture (nada) of the Indian classical music, monthly presentation of original CD productions, festival reports (special transmission) and a live production (night of ragas), supplemented by informative text contributions, e.g.: about the music system Ghandarva Veda, the 4000 years old music history of India, instruments and biographies of Indian music masters (Pandit, Ustad).

IMC formats…

ThoughtExperiment(s)     IMC - India meets Classic presents... Raga CDs of the Month   Indian E-music... the right mix of Indian Vibes !

Our Targets: The IMC broadcastings and different formats like to be understood as a pedagogical offer with high educational values, contributed for an inter-cultural dialogue between India and Europe.

Carl Orff (1895-1982)

Carl Orff (1895-1982)

Professor Dr. H. Regner (university professor, teacher at the Orff Institute of the University of Mozarteum in Salzburg (Austria) and author about musical education) refers to the “importance of getting (at an early stage of life) in contact with music”. The promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic wants to quote in part Regners philosophy, which is in accordance to the sense of so called “Oneness” (= harmony/unity) of Indian Classical Music.

Professor Dr. Hermann Regner: “… important for listening music and making music is the own nature of mankind, which begins to swing, the human soul is being touched by music … Only some few people exist, wo are satisfied with this world. Many think, many work on to change themselves … It is time that only the >whole human being<, who harmonizes thinking, feeling and acting, has the chance to survive. The absence of human feeling resonance makes our world cold and uninhabitable.
Music is not of a magic charm. But it is a medium, in which humans holistic can express themselves, in which they practice to bring heart, hand and head in interaction.

The promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic believes in the sense of Regner, that Indian Classical Music can carry out the contribution to life in a special measure by its originality, keeping alive the characteristics (as so called ‘healing music’). A blurring by music of the style Yoga/mediation sounds, world music, modern jazz or the Bollywood film industries, will be avoided under the label of IMC OnAir –

*) see article Regional media Radio. The new discussion about content and regional relationship of radio broadcasting, CUT edition winter 05/06, page 24 following. –

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