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… radio shows for Indian (Music) Culture

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IMC Concept …

Humburg, in September 2005

“”IMC – India meets Classic” was launched in February 2005 as a promotion initiative. Yehudi Menuhin was impressed during some different journeys through India, as he described in his autobiography (Unfinished journey – life memory, 1997): The Indian music experienced melodically and rhythmically a refinement long time before, the western music only may assign a suggestion with few compositions.

Menuhins experience will be arranged by the transmission concept of “IMC – India meets Classic” presenting a maintenance and information programme on radio starting from spring 2006 on during the next twelf month. The milestones …

all year round
(11 transmissions, 1x monthly with repetition)
8 x transmissions (each 58 min.) – titles:
Raga CDs of the month …
plus 3x specials (see down) …
(regular offer):
original Indian Classical Music in a monthly, intercultural, interactive listening (via Radio) and reading offer (via Internet) …

1.)  Starting Point:

    The Raga as melody form within the music of North and South India is the central element in this 4000 years old music culture, the eldest music system (Ghandarva Veda) in the world, existing till today in its original form. 

    Raga compositions refer to the 24 hours cyclus in a 8×3 hours rythm. There are ragas, which only may be played before sunrise, in dawn, in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night, late at night up to dawn/before sunrise.

2.) Indian Classical Music:

    The period in music history of the North Indian Classical Music (Hindustani) is shaped by traditional forms, with variations and in its typical character artistically improvised. (note: South Indian Music (Carnatic) is less improvised. It follows fixed traditional rules and compositions.)

3.)  The IMC offer:

    Referring to the time cycle (see point 1.) IMC will present on radio ragas by hearing examples from CDs. The criterias are … 

    – to present Indian Classical Music in its origin (raga form)
    – exclusively original Indian productions
    – played by the leading music masters (Ustad or Pandit) of India
    (Rec.: Herefore see example from the pilot transmission in 11/2005 and 12/2005).

specials: Indian night” (6 hours non stop), 1x p.a.
following the Indian concert tradition. – title: “night of ragas…
(Live show (on weekend): 10:00 p.m. – 04:00 a.m.)
festival report (half-yearly, 2 hours), 2x p.a.
about Music Festivals for Indian Classical Music in European/India
– title: “From India to Europe … ” (09:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.)
interviews with music maestros from India, as requested
– title: StudioTalk (28min./58min. special feature)
IMC – India meets Classic presents …
– a broadcasting show for Indian Classical Music
. (sub title)
At present planned on TideRadio 96,0, citizen channel of the region around Hanseatic city Hamburg  (cabel frequence: 95.45 MHz). 

Rec.: Further transmission places will follow...

positioned within the broadcasting plan close to classical or jazz transmissions …
start of
adapted to the the main season of India (monsoon rain time)
1st transmission: 27th March 2006 (see further transmission dates), pre-production (studio recording) during January and February 2006.

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