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… radio shows for Indian (Music) Culture

Radio&Music Community (Social Web 2.0)… >71,400 contact volume (special interest group) + reach out on Facebook ~3.19 million

1st March 2013

IMC OnAir runs different Facebook (fan) pages. The 1st account was setup by the founder ElJay A. in September 2008. Since have been aggregated more than 71,400 contacts, of them direct 4,100 FB friends (as special interest group) + >4,090 newsletter  subscribers,  >54,896 FB Group members and >7,900 Facebook Page Fans (iLikes)  on different FB pages (see A-P)… with a minimum reach out of totally >3,192,000.

(A) IMC OnAir – IMCRadio.Net
(95 likes/87,670 reach out)
 (B) Indian E-music
(158 likes/126,144 reach out)
(C) India [at] Internet Archive 
(39 likes/31,402 reach out)

(D) Heritage of Ravi Shankar
(174 likes/98,747 reach out)
(E) Google Music India
(767 likes/477,021 reach out)
(F) Saptak Festival (India)
(199 likes / 116,516 reach out)
Legacy of Ravi Shankar - Tribute to Ravi Shankar (04/07/1920-12/11/2012) Sreenshot-1
(G) Dover Lane Music Conference
(88 likes / 47,305 reach out)
(H) India visits WOMAX
(404 likes/263,300 reach out)
(I) SuperCollider
(88 / 45,862 reach out)
The Dover Lane Music Conference WOMEX-Facebook-Fanpage-022011-1-250
(J) Sarode (Indian Instrument)
(119 likes/68,741 reach out)
 (K) Radio RaSA (CH)
(685 likes/261,354 reach out)

 (L) Radio FRO
(2.649 likes/845,322 reach out)
 header-Radio-Rasa-2012-2  Radio-Fro-Screenshot-122012-2
(M) radio
(432 likes/216,661 reach out)
(N) TIDE Radio + TV
(442 likes/149,323 reach out)

 (O) Tide TV+Radio (Forum)
(304 likes/131,535 reach out)

Screenshot-radio-multicult-fm-small  Screenshot-122012-  
(P) Freies Radio Salzkammergut
(1,686 likes/382,676 reach out)


IMCRadio.Net and its special interest groups: 54,896 members

Art India (2010), Baba Bihari Kathak (182), Bharatanatyam Dancers (1928), Bharatnatyam Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (115), Carnatic & Bajans (1916), Carnatic Music (1895), Carnatic Sangeetham (692), Classical Hindustani Music (1458), Culture (1078), Dadra/Thumri… (341), For those who love Indian Classical music & all people (600), Ghazals (1191), Ghazals & Nazms (309), Ghazalsara (670), Hindustani Classical Vocals (1186), Hindustani Music (466), India Folk Artist (817), Indian classical (3191), Indian Classical Arts (1285), Indian Classical Dance Love (295), Indian music (1123), Indian Music Therapy (1537), Indian Slide Guitar (1645), John McLaughlin (2647), Kathak Dancers (1841), Khayal (1247), Lovely&onlymuSic (588), Music (358), Music Citizens (2111), Music Lovers (358), Music Lovers 🙂 (1242), Music Therapy (210), MUSICLOVERS (3424), MUZIKA (466), Na Vidya Sangeetam Para (634), Nazrul Sangeet (1373), NEW GENERATION MUSIC (1335), Non Mainstream Music Lovers (18), Pandit Chataur Lal (546), Pandit Gopal Roy (79), Pratidhwani – Learning Tabla online (969), (Carnatic Music Forums) (2415), Sangeeeth (39), Shastriyasangeet – Indian Classical Music (404), Singer (268), SPEKTRUM (863), SUR SANGEET . SZ (991), Swarmalika (364), The Great Golden Ghazal (304), The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines (4), Urdu Ghazls (121), Violin Indian Melody Songs (395)


IMCRadio.Net + Indian E-music @ Google Plus (since 2012) … with more than 1,230 Circle members


Ranking in Google+Statistics: IMC OnAir: 5.923 | Indian E-music: 6,122


IMCRadio.Net + Indian E-music @ MySpace (since August 2007) … with more than 2,000 contacts



IMCRadio.Net + Indian E-music @ Twitter… with more than 1,500 (hidden) followers

IMC-OnAir-at-Twitter-Screenslpash-072009-1  Indian E-music

IMCRadio.Net @ Scribd (world biggest online library)… with more than 495 followers
… since August 2010: >64,000 reads (01/01/2012-12/28/2012: >37,700 reads)


2 Responses to “Radio&Music Community (Social Web 2.0)… >71,400 contact volume (special interest group) + reach out on Facebook ~3.19 million”

  1. Rajeev said

    It is one of the pleasant accidents of my life so far, that I have found something so great about Indian Classical Music on air in shape of IMC.

    I am desperate to join / get an attachment with IMC, to know more about IMC & to contribute something at-least, to IMC… if it allows.

    I am personally known to many (young & senior) maestros of Indian Classical Music… may be, I can contribute something…


    • Rajeev, tks for your compliments. its late to answer you, yes… but we had been busy during last months to be ready for more in 2013… pls see short docu about 2006-2012 here: .

      Generally we are interested in new- and upcoming artists, so fare excellent educated, of good manner, following the spirit of pure Indian Classics (possible blended with some modern genres like ‘Indian Electronic Music’)… pls let me know directly via email, see contact datas here: .

      Warm greetings from Europe/North Germany (Hanseatic City Hamburg)
      ElJay A. (Chief Editor/Founder/owner)


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