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StudioTalks… a deep going insight for Indian Classics…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on September 1, 2015

Joachim Ernst Behrendt

The special format “StudioTalk” offers to the listeners some very exclusive themes and talks about the world of Indian Classical Music ! – StudioTalk gives Indian music maestros, music scientists, event organisations and other specialists  the chance to present themselfs in a dialogue directly to an international and European audience.

… it will be the consciousness of listening people. No more the eyes – as it is common in our times – will have higher preference to the ears. The hearing, sound will become more important than the visible.
(editorial for “Nadah Brahma” written by Joachim E. Behrendt – journalist/writer/producer)

A StudioTalk isn’t an interview form of 5 to 10 minutes small talk about concert tours, new editorials , CD or DVD projects etc. … Much more by a detailled planning and research work IMC OnAir delivers by StudioTalk a frame for specific themes and aspects to contribute an approach and deep going insight for Indian Classical Music – especially for the Europeans.

IMC’s ongoing StudioTalk productions…



top row (f.l.t.r.): 06/2006 – Sri Sugato Bhaduri (Mandolin), 06/2007 – Ranajit Sengupta (Sarod), 05/2008 – Kala Ramnath (Violin), 05/2008 – John McLaughlin (Guitar)
bottom row (f.l.t.r.): 12/2008 – Trilok Gurtu (Tabla/Percussion), 10/2009 – KCP3/Ramesh Shotam (Carnatic Percussion), 10/2009 – Rinki Roy Bhattacharya (Writer/Filmmaker), 05/2010 – Arun Ghosh (IndoJazz Clarinetist), 03/2011 – George Brooks (IndoJazz Sax), 04/2011 – Sanghita Nandi (Vocalist)

Mit dem Format “StudioTalk” bietet IMC OnAir dem interessierten Hörer exklusive Themengespräche aus der Welt zur indisch klassischen Musik ! – Mit den StudioTalks haben indische Musikmeister, Musikwissenschaftler, Event-Organisatoren u.a. die Chance, sich dem europäischen/internationalen Hörer in einem direkten Dialog zu präsentieren.

… bestimmend wird das Bewusstsein von hörenden Menschen sein. Nicht mehr das Sehen, wie es weit verbreitet ist in unserer Zeit. Da Hören wird von größerer Bedeutung sein. Klang wird wichtiger als das Visuelle.
(Vorwort für “Nadah Brahma” – Author: Joachim E. Behrend (Jouranlist/ Schriststeller/Produzent))

StudioTalk ist kein klassisches Interview von 5-10 Minuten “small talk” zu Konzerttourneen, CD/DVD-Neuerscheinungen o.ä. Vielmehr bietet IMC OnAir mit einer aufwendigen Sendeplanung und detaillierten Vorrecherchen den Rahmen für spezielle Themenaspekte, die einen Beitrag zu einem tiefergehenden Verständnis (aus europäischer Sicht) für die indisch klassische Musik leisten sollen.


The StudioTalks will be broadcasted from time to time via radio (analogue/cable + Internet Radio) beside the regular shows Raga CDs of the Months and “Thought Experiment(s)“:

StudioTalk No. 1: Sugato Bhaduri (mandolin) – Music follows Behaviour!
StudioTalk No. 2: Ranajit Sengupta (sarode) – Music awareness by Love… from Love to Music.
StudioTalk No. 3: Kala Ramanath (violin) – Nada (sound)… 66 notes (shruti-s) on the Violin.
StudioTalk No. 4: John McLaughlin (guitar) – Miles from India (original: TV special)
StudioTalk No. 5: Trilok Gurtu (percussion) – The Purity of Music… The truth about spirituality in ICM.
StudioTalk No. 6: Ramesh Shotham (Carnatic percussion) / KCP3 (percussion/vocal) – Sound Bodies.
StudioTalk No. 7: Rinki Roy Bhattacharya (film maker) – Aspects of ICM in Indian films (mainly the ‘golden era’)
StudioTalk No. 8: Arun Ghosh (IndoJazz clarinet) – Methamorphosis… Music in Music.
StudioTalk No. 9: George Brooks (IndoJazz saxophone) – IndoJazz Composing: Sound as Inspiration.
StudioTalk No. 10: Sanhita Nandi (vocal) – Principes of Slowlyness…Vocal Tradition without Boundaries.

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