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Facebook group “Indian classical” made +12,000 members over 22 months.

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on August 31, 2015


On 28th August 2015 our FB group “Indian Classical” overstepped the number of 17,000 members… Many tks to all the new 1,000 members we got since 22nd March 2015. And more…


… over last 22 months (since 28th October 2013) as you can see in the statistics  our uniquely Facebook group for Indian classical music (in its purest form) had a significant growth of +12,000 member… in other words: in average we count monthly a plus of 5.7203% . Many thanks for this wonderful experience we had over last years with all our musical friends around the globe to share our commonly passion for music (Rec.: The FB group was founded in 2007).

Pls keep up sharing the link with your friends to invite them for a free membership so we can count on 31st Dec 2015 then 20,000 members (hopefully) !!! – Its possible… Facebook Group “Indian Classical –”

Warm hearted greetings
ElJay Arem (the founder of IMC – India meets Classic /

P.S.: In Sanskrit, the scientific language of (ancient) India there exist round about 215 terms for “passion“. The translations for the 16 listed in the header image are:

  • anurasa – (in poetry) a subordinate feeling or passion
  • manorāga – affection, passion (of the heart)
  • madarāga – affected by passion or by intoxication”, the god of love
  • nīrāga – free from passion
  • pratibaddharāga – having passion in harmonious connection with
  • rāga – any feeling or passion, (especially) love, affection or sympathy for, vehement desire of, interest or joy or delight in
  • rāgabandha – expression or manifestation of affection, passion
  • rāgada – colour-giving, colouring, passion-inspiring
  • rāgāndha – blind with passion or desire
  • rāgānvita – affected by passion or desire
  • rāgātmaka – composed of or characterized by passion, impassioned
  • rāgāyāta – the uprising of passion, excess of passion
  • rasabhaṅga – interruption or cessation of passion or sentiment
  • rasābhiniveśa – accession of sentiment, intentness of feeling or passion
  • rasāntara – different passion or emotion, another pleasure or enjoyment
  • uprasa – a secondary feeling or passion

(Source of Translation: Sanskrit Dictionary – and )miniatures34

The background image is cropped from a miniature painting, known in India as “RAGAMALA“, a painting art form by its meaning as “Garland of Ragas“. See the IMC radio show: “Ragamala-s – Miniature Paintings (part 1 & 2)“.

The cropped painting in the header originally is dated back to ca. 1710: “Ragaputra Velavala, Bhairavi raga – Basohli, Punjab Hills“. – This beautifully art form picked up Ragas as themes to illustrate specific raga scales and their emotions with motives. The origin is found in the medieval India… as an amalgamation of art, poetry and classical music in the beginning of 16th century. Ragamala paintings were created in most schools of Indian painting, in different regions, e.g. Rajasthan or Rajput Ragamala, the Pahari Ragamala, Deccan Ragamala and Mughal Ragamala. Similarly the Gharana-s as musical schools/styles of Indian classics…


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