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12 being killed on 7th Jan 2015 in Paris… We are Charlie Hebdo… Yo Soy Charlie… Ich bin Charlie… Som Charlie Hebdo

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 7, 2015

We are mourning for our colleagues of French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris who lost their lifes today in the shooting by three gun men.

Our heartfully condolences go to the families and friends of all twelf victims. May all eleven injured persons recover fully. – The Chief Editor/Cultural Journalist/Moderator ElJay Arem

Weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo (Paris) lost today its chief editor Stephane (known as Chab) and four (4) cartoonists (Cabu, Ph. Honoré, B. Velhac (aka Tignous) + G. Wollinski) beside seven (7) other victims (two of them have been police men). Anther one was radio colleague, jouranlist and radio presenter Bernard Maris (who had a weekly column entitled J’ai tout compris à l’économie, each Saturday on France Inter). Bernard was shareholder of Charlie Hebdo.




Comic Strip artist Jean Cabut
01/13/1938  –  cross-1379268461Hdj  01/07/2015

Protest flyer: «I am Charlie»
(PDF from official website)

Stephane Charbonnier
8/21/1967  – cross-1379268461Hdj 01/07/2015









3 Responses to “12 being killed on 7th Jan 2015 in Paris… We are Charlie Hebdo… Yo Soy Charlie… Ich bin Charlie… Som Charlie Hebdo”

  1. Music is an excellent teacher to build bridges between nations, ethnics, religions…. I never will understand rationally why young people take automatic guns and kill innocent people… All who know me since last 8 years mostly you dont see political statements on my websiste, Facebook wall and FB groups… But yesterday I had to say again: “Enough is Enough”… as experienced with the “Mumbai Bomb Blast” on 2th November 2008… here about I presented an “in memoriam radio show” with “peacefully ragas”… I hope for your understanding.


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