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Celebrating 8 years of IMCRadio.Net onair…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on March 27, 2014

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The uniquely radio programme for Indian classical music under the umbrella of IMCRadio.Net started first a monthly test broadcasting on 27th March 2006 (at 03:00 pm CET). – It was initiated by the founder ElJay Arem and promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic – .

On 24th July 2006 the radio concept was overtaken regularly as annual programme @ Radio TIDE via FM/Cable and later on as web radio. Since then the programme for Indian music culture continuously progressed with 12 broadcasting dates per month…

ElJay Arem on microphone...

ElJay Arem on microphone…

The basic concept was developed during December 2005 till spring 2006 by ElJay Arem and is still existing in its core substance to promote an inter-cultural dialogue between South Asia/India and Europe… .

We invite you to celebrate with us during next weeks the existence of IMCRadio.Net till we start into the 9th year of monthly broadcasting in July 2014…

Many tks to our global community of music lovers ( ), all our listeners, well wishers, supporters and Indian artists.

Warm greetings/ElJay Arem ( )


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