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We like to remember the 87th anniversary of Hindustani musician Inayat Khan ((07/05/1882 – 05/02/1927)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on February 5, 2014


Hazrat Inayat Khan with Veena (Source:

Hazrat Inayat Khan with Veena (Source:

Inayat Khan (Urdu: عنایت خان ‎) (July 5, 1882 – February 5, 1927) was the founder of The Sufi Order in the West in 1914 (London) and teacher of Universal Sufism. He initially came to the West as a Northern Indian classical musician, having received the honorific “Tansen” from the Nizam of Hyderabad, but he soon turned to the introduction and transmission of Sufi thought and practice. Later, in 1923, the Sufi Order of the London period was dissolved into a new organization, formed under Swiss law, called the “International Sufi Movement“. His message of divine unity (Tawhid) focused on the themes of love, harmony and beauty. He taught that blind adherence to any book rendered religion void of spirit. Branches of Inayat Khan’s movement can be found in the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, the United States, Canada, Russia and Australia.


(Source: 02/2014 –



Hazrat Inayat Khan (short biography)…


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