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Live (stream) @ India Music Week (12th Oct): Vocalist Ruchira Panda with Tabla & Harmonium…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 12, 2013

India Music Week (6th-13th Oct 2013)… | @Facebook


live on stage: MS Ruchira Panda (vocal) with Dibyarka Chatterjee (Tabla) + Sri Anirban Chakrabarty (Harmonium)


Date: Saturday October 12th – 07:30pm – 09:30pm
Location: Chhandayan Center for Indian Music (CCIM), 4 West 43rd Street, Suite 618
New York, NY 10036, United States
Landmark: Between 5th & 6th Avenues

Watch this concert streamed LIVE online here , The price is $6.

(The streaming starts 10 minutes before the concert and ends shortly after the concert ends. There will be no video outside of these times. But, access can be purchased anytime before or during the concert. For support on the Pay per view purchasing system, please call 855-896-9300 or +33 177 126 888)

Buy in hall ticket here.

Artist(s): Ms. Ruchira Panda (vocal), Dibyarka Chatterjee (Tabla) and Sri. Anirban Chakrabarty ( (Harmonium)

There will be a free pre-concert lecture by Dibyarka Chatterjee from 6 to 7 pm. The other two musicians of the concert may also join in session.



Ruchira, an outstanding vocalist groomed in the Kotali gharana has earned an enviable distinction amongst the younger musicians in the realm of Hindustani Classical Music. The competent upholder of this rich heritage was born in high traditional family of educationalists, arts and music. She had the privilege of being initiated to this parampara and went under the protégée of the great maestro musician Pandit Manas Chakraborty, her one and only Guru. The master mind of her guru noted the quality of her gifted and rare voice and creative capabilities. Being a perfectionist and trend setter his strict and vigilant guidance moulded her musical genius into a unique blend of highest order. Her gayaki speaks out for her keen interest in aesthetics, spiritual awareness and serenity which is seldom found in modern days. She carefully keeps up with the purity and nuances of the Kotali gharana aligning with the multifarious gayaki of her Guru and his predecessors. The flawless manner in which she brings out the texture of the ragas and taans shows that a rigorous training, hard, and sincere labour has gone into her making as a vocalist and culminated her craftsmanship to what it is- perfect and finished to every detail. Her cognition and remarkable ability to execute intricate combinations of notes in rare ragas, specially her delineation of innovative sargams and taans confirm her eagerness to reach out to wider and wider dimensions. Her voice, the crest of a class can execute a total feast of melody and classicism in khayal, thumri and other semi classical forms. Her music is not only perfect craftsmanship but a rare blend of immaculate precision and emotive imagination, which takes the listeners into a peaceful journey through the unseen and unheard marvels of a new world. She craves for perfection and attains it with ease, the more she attains bigger becomes her reach, richer she becomes newer becomes her dimension. To her, Music is not only an art to perform but a love to live with – it’s a voyage towards eternity that can only be realized by feeling one and the same with Music.

(Source: 10/2013 – ARC – Archive of Contemporary Music |IndiaMusicWeek (IMW))


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