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Europalia.india Newsletter No. 06: A fantastic beginning of the festival europalia.india!

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 9, 2013

Newsletter 6
04.10.2013 > 26.01.2014


A fantastic beginning of the festival europalia.india!

The President of India and HHMM the King and Queen of the Belgians inaugurated the festival on October 4. A concert by the Gundecha Brothers and a stunning dance performance by Charishnu were followed by a visit to the exhibition The Body in Indian Art offering a taste of the many festivities still to come.


Following the successful opening of fantastic exhibitions such as Nalini Malani, Jean Robie and The Body in Indian Art, as well as a standing ovation for Charishnu in the Théâtre National and a full house for the Belgian premiere of Midnight’s Children, we have equally high expectations of the next events, for example, Shujaat Khan, a famous singer & sitarplayer and of course the opening of Indomania, another major exhibition of this festival. 

EXPO | The Body in Indian Art | BOZAR

This curvaceous woman is a Surasundaris, or cosmic beauty. She is the epitome of female beauty – in both its spiritual and sensual sense.  This artwork dates from the tenth or eleventh century, and represents the auspicious power of beauty: the frisson or erotic charge of love that is so powerful it overwhelms both the body and mind.
But look very closely at her shoulders, and you’ll see scratch marks made by the nails of her lover. Is she writing to him perhaps?
Discover a hundred more anecdotes during a visit to this magnificent exhibition, The Body in Indian Art, at BOZAR (Centre for Fine Arts) until January 5, 2014. 

Flageywood | FLAGEY

Flageywood has kicked off with the Belgian premiere of the movie Ugly in the presence of its director, Anurag Kashyap as well as the official opening of The Fouth Wall, an exhibition of a photographic series by Max Pinckers.
Until October 29, Flageywood presents a great selection of films by Anurag Kashyap as well as three of his favourite movies, a concert by Carnatic singer Sudha Raghunathan and on October 26 Flageywood Day, will offer a variety of workshops on different themes plus a concert by the legendary family of musicians Dr. L. Subramaniam & Kavita Krishnamurti. The day closes with festive Hindi disco & Bollywood grooves by Edo Bouman.

WORKSHOPS | yoga@europalia.india | BOZAR

We are delighted to offer you an additional, unforgettable experience during the late night openings on Thursdays of the exhibition The Body in Indian Art at BOZAR (Centre for Fine Arts). On these evenings, you can join workshops to discover the art of yoga. Each teacher is an experienced professional in a different yoga style: Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Viniyoga, Hatha Yoga, Energy Yoga.

This weekend 3 magnificent exhibitions opened:

Water Art Walk in Liège demonstrates through different contemporary artworks by Indian artists the important role of water in Indian society, from Ancient times to the present day.
Living Objects at Grand Hornu invites visitors to explore and appreciate the duality and apparent contradiction inherent to all aspects of daily life and material culture in India.
The exhibition Sari focuses on the sophistication and vitality of this continuing tradition, offering visitors the opportunity to not only explore the rich diversity of saris, techniques and related stories, but also to touch them and try them on.

Impossibility Of Being Feminine, 2006-2007 © Ravi Agarwal

(Source: 10/2013 – europalia.india)

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