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DE – Raga CDs of the Months (10/13): KALPITA SANGITA – Compositions in Indian Classics.

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 2, 2013

SURDAS & SHYAM MANOHAR (Lihto/Print) - Artist: Vasudeo H.Pandya

SURDAS (sage /composer) & SHYAM MANOHAR

The promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic has presented so fare Indian Classical Music in it’s monthly radio broadcastings on the basis of raga scales.

For North Indian Classics (Hindustani music) the Ragas are classified according to the Thaat system with 10 parent scales. The Carnatic music (South Indian Classics) exist 72 ragams of the Melakarta system.

Raga scales aren’t melody forms, in the sense of composed music pieces “note-for-note” with fixed keys (major and minor)  or exact defined modulations (dynamics) for each bar by written notations.

Ragas are to be understood as more than a complex sete of rules. Ragas are a framework, in it the interpreter freely can move – vocally or instrumentally. Ragas are  monophon (without chords).

The micro-tonal structure (shruti-s) and complex rhythm system (Taala)  guarantee an extremely ornamental art. Raga performances are multifaceted.

dates of broadcasting…
3rd October 2013 – 03:00 p.m. EST (09:00 pm CET) @ radio (DE)
(premiere: 16th Nov 2010 – 09:00 pm CET @ TIDE Radio)
broadcasting plan | streaming (Internet Radio & Mobile Radio) | podCast

Amir Khusro and Hazrat Nizam-ud-Awaliya (Hyderabad, circa 1750-70 A.D., National Museum, New Delhi)

Amir Kushro (composer)

A compositional understanding as in Western classical music does not exist in Indian Classics. But the term ‘composition’ is used also in Indian music.
The term Kalpita Sangita defines the ‘recitative music‘ while Manodharma Sangita means the ‘creative music‘.

Kalpita Sangita is an interpretation form which applies to existing compositions: original compositions or creations of other composers. A composer is called Vaggeyakara.

On the other hand Manodharma Sangita is created by a vocalist or instrumentalist ‘ex tempore‘ spontaneously, a kind of improvisational style as known in Jazz, on the basis of the modal structure of  Indian raga scales.
The radio broadcasting in November “Raga CDs of the Months” is occupied with the compositional concept of Kalpita Sangita.

Sources of pictures (paintings):

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