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8th March: ARTS INITIATIVE on International Women’s Day 2013

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on March 8, 2013

Friday 08 March 2013 – Global International Women’s Day Arts Initiative

International Women's Day
See the brilliant creativity of women in the International Women’s Day ARTS INITIATIVE…

Artist: Karishma Sujan
Title: The Miracle Of Henna
 (see plant Henna)

Artist: Bipasha Hayat
Title: Ai bosonto dine

Artist: Pampi
Title: Queen of MohenjoD – part of “Pop Fertility Goddess Series”
 (see Mohenjod-daro, settlement of Indus Valley (2600 B.C.))

Artist: Pampi
Yama-Yami (half-female half-male deity) : re-interpreting gendered temple stories in dance (see Yama in Hinduism)

Artist: JammiArt
Title: Metta
 (see Metta in Sanskrit)

Artist: Priya Anand Pariyani
Title: Mother V
 (see Mother I-IV series of Ahmedabad painter (Gujarat, India))

Artist: Sba
Title: Chukra
 (see Chukra in Pakistan)


INDIA has 92 events… 

Search and upload International Women's Day events is a global hub for sharing International Women’s Day information, events, news and resources.

The website was founded in 2001 as a non-profit philanthropic venture dedicated to keeping International Women’s Day (IWD) alive and growing.

(Source: 03/2013 – IWD2013 | Arts Initiative)

Women as inventors…

1903: Mary Anderson – Windshield Wipers

1908: Melitta Bentz – Coffee Filter

1917: Ida Forbes – Water Heater

1937: Ruth Wakefield – Chocolate Chip Cookie

1966: Stephanie Kwolek – Kevlar

and, and, and…

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