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Gang raping, corruption… Indian artists have to become political now. The coming out of Anoushka Shankar about her own sexual abuse

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on February 3, 2013

Dear fellows, dear music lovers, dear artists !

(founder/owner of promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic / media producer of SABN - South Asian Broadcasting Network)

ElJay Arem

… in tendency during last 1-2 decades we have seen Indian art (classical dance, classical music (Hindustani, Carnatic) progressing as an entertainment form. But let us remember, that by its origin and real purpose Indian arts never had been pure entertainment. By its origin Indian arts had been always political, too… in the sense of educational formats to create consciousness within the listeners and audience.

Artists of Indian classical music had been mediators between the supreme, the universe, the art itself as energetic form or as creator itself (like Indian (classical) music was seen as primary energetic form as universal creator itself) and the listeners. To say it simple: listening to Indian music targets at to become a real human being (in a positive sense) to find the true self being.

English: Anoushka Shankar at the Global Rhythm...

English: Anoushka Shankar at the Global Rhythm 15th Anniversary Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In times of corruption (not only in India), in times of crucialities as we experience it these days with masses of cases of (gang) raping after the escalation in killing of a 23 young Indian woman in December 2012 its time to become political again, in the original sense…

This Sunday morning reached me the “coming out” of Sitar player Anoushka Shankar, daughter of Pandit Ravi Shankar, about her own sexual abuse – see following video. As I see it: Anoushka’s words are more than a protest or  accusing a society. Indeed its a clear demanding: “Enough is Enough !

The coming out of Anoushka Shankar...

The coming out of Anoushka Shankar about her ‘sexual abuse’…

India has to change as the world has to change we humans (in common and as whole) are destroying our planet misusing its resources. Where is the knowledge of centuries, wisdom of our ancestors and dignity of ourselves as ‘modern human’ in 21st century ?

Stand up, artists, teachers, directors, label owners, media producers in art, intellectuals, mothers & fathers and change this world into a better one… become politically ! – Especially I demand it from modern men to take action…. its not up alone to the women rights fighters as part of the women movement. Let us all re-union as humans following the original spirit of Indian arts… make this world a better place for every human soul !

Sincerely Yours
ElJay Arem
(journalist/producer/music animator)

“Enough is Enough” activities are not something new…

Mr Kinsella said: “Ben will never be forgotten, we hope his legacy will live on for a long time and make the governments and the politicians sit up and take notice that enough is enough.
Kinsella family in knife sentences plea by Independent Television News Limited (ITN)

THE spray-paint sting comes amid Northumbria Police’s Enough is Enough campaign.
FOCUSED EFFORTS by Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

We have to say enough is enough and preserve the green spaces around the city for future generations.
Luxury golf hotel plans under fire by South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)

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