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‘India needs to prioritise research infrastructure’

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 25, 2013


Indian Council of Medical Research

Indian Council of Medical Research (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

India needs to prioritise research infrastructure and improve the human resource and bring in policy changes in the field of medicinal research to make an impact at the global arena, said VM Katoch, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Reserch (ICMR).

Delivering a lecture on the topic “Creating and Strengthening Partnerships in Health Research” at the Institute of Microbial Technology on its foundation day here on Thursday, he said more than 60 per cent researches in India only exist on papers and are not implemented.

India is a success story when it comes to innovation and implementation but the impact of the same is not visible at the grassroots levels. India is still enslaved when it comes to health policies and its implementation. Joseph Bhore implemented the public health care architecture just before independence. But as a country we lack local agenda which is need of the hour, he said.

Katoch said, “Scientists have bloated egos, and the different organizations which are funding for research in India are more self centered. There are scientists who present their obsolete paper dating back to 1992 to get promotions which has pushed our country in a sorry state and has made it a subject of mockery in the west.”

The ICMR Director General said, emphasis should be laid on establishing regional, state and district level laboratory for a holistic development of medicinal research. “In last two years ICMR has funded 22 laboratories to diversify research on viral and infectious diseases in the country,” he added.

People in India is also hooked to the technologies from the west and the scientist are more into importing ideas than innovating something keeping in mind the local needs. Government and enlightened people within the civil society will have to work together for this kind of attitudinal changes. Inter sectoral cooperation and coordination between the various agencies is needed to facilitate it.

He added that our researches in medicinal and medical field should reach the market and once it happens market forces will drive the market and people will change their thinking about indigenous therapeutic products.”Instead of following the west and waiting for them to recognize our work we should start working for our country ,” he said.

(Source: 01/2012 – | State Editions – Chandigarh)

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