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Happy New Year 2013 to all our listeners and musical friends !

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on December 31, 2012

…to all our (Indian) friends and friends of India around the globe,
to the international community of listeners and music lovers,
to all the great vocal / instrumental musicians, composers and DJs,
to the passionate event organizers, booking agencies and music labels,
to analytical music scientists, profound teachers & pedagogues
and to our colleagues from press & medias



You can listen all shows worldwide as webradio.
… see programme calendar with all 160 broadcasting dates in 2013 here !

One Response to “Happy New Year 2013 to all our listeners and musical friends !”

  1. you can connect with our listeners and music lovers around the globe on Facebook, too. Have setup a specific page here:


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