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DE/ENG – Raga CDs of the Months (12/12): A bunch of Indian music on 3rd Advent… (regular show postponed because Pt. Ravi Shankar demised on 11th Dec 2012)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on December 15, 2012

Dear musical friends !

… first of all my deep thanks to all the music lovers around the globe. Since 11th December there had been some tough days for all of us mourning about the demise of Pt. Ravi Shankar.

Tribute-to-Ravi-Shankar-2012-3All who love Indian Classical music or even being “on the job” linked with Indian music we feel it as a big loss that Sitar legend Pandit Ravi Shankar left our earthly place on 11th December 2012 at 04:30 pm in San Diego . My condolences to the Shankar family.

We felt it physically a huge wave of sadness went around the globe . During last days I had many, many talks with close friends of Ravi-ji, artists who had been educated by Ravi Shankar himself or music lovers who get attracted by Ravi’s way to teach the masses about the beautiness and richness of Hindustani music.
It helps to share those uniquely experiences to fix the target that we (from media side) have a duty to bring the legacy of Ravi Shankar into a new future of 21st century for coming generations.


Therefore by lack of time I didnt manage it to edit a new topic for coming Sunday, the 3rd Advent as you are used regularly every 3rd Sunday I present Raga CDs of the Month with uniquely thematics about North and South Indian Classics ( see playlists 2006-2012 ).

On 16th December I “only” will present a uniquely collection of wonderful Indian sounds (Indian Classics same as Indian Electronic music), e.g. with vocalist Roshan Ara Begum, Ustad Munir Khan (Sarang) or Bombay Dub Orchestra and others.
Same I will present the great maestro himself: a recording in 2011 with 91 year old Ravi Shankar and Raga Malgunji (from the DVD: The Living Room Sessions – part 1 released on 11th Dec 2012).

date of broadcasting…

16th December 2012 – 03:00-04:58 p.m. CET (09:00 am EST) @ radio (DE)
broadcasting plan | streaming (Internet Radio & Mobile Radio) | podCast

Legacy of Ravi Shankar - Tribute to Ravi Shankar (04/07/1920-12/11/2012)

Feel free to post your Thoughts & Condolences for Ravi Shankar’s family on the specific facebook page we have setup on 12th Decemger.

We would like to document as much as possible about the Ravi Shankar Decades… Pls visit:

Come in and enjoy listening to good music you can listen worldwide ! – Tks giving attention.

Yours, ElJay Arem
– cultural journalist/chief editor/radio presenter –

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