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Cologne: Opening of the “Academy of the Arts of the World” on October, 27th 2012

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 24, 2012

The Academy of the Arts of the World is an international institution fostering intercultural dialogue in the arts. Based in the city of Cologne, the Academy is defined by a dynamic interdisciplinary approach that focuses on issues arising from the migration of peoples, ideas and practices. It encourages a critical engagement with both local and global perspectives, exploring ways in which creative communities from different locations and contexts can connect, break down barriers to and learn from one another.

The Academy of the Arts of the World comprises a group of up to 40 internationally acclaimed artists and intellectuals from 5 continents and all artistic fields. Members meet annually in order to shape new forms of artistic cooperation, engaging with the diverse cultural and artistic communities of Cologne through events, project and residency programs, and the Youth Academy.

Biography 2007-2012


Opening ceremony on 27th October

Establishment of the Akademie der Künste der Welt/Köln gGmbH

1st member conference (founding meeting)

Accompanied by a public musical event curated by Manos Tsangaris at Kolumba Kunstmuseum des Erzbistums Köln. With NeoBarock, hand werk, Michael Beil and Lena Willikens.

Announcement of the founding members of the Academy.

City Council decision to found the Akademie as a non-profit limited liability company.


Appointment of Secretary General Sigrid Gareis.

Publishing of the scientific study “Cultural worlds in Cologne. An empirical analysis of the cultural offerings focused on international and intercultural factors.” on behalf of KunstSalon e.V. and sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne as a preparatory measure.

Cologne’s mayor Jürgen Roters establishes a Search Committee to appoint the founding members of the academy. Members were: Ralph Christoph (Strategic Director of the c/o pop festival of pop culture), Amelie Deuflhard (Director of the International Kulturfabrik Kampnagel), Prof. Kasper König (Director of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne), Jan Krauthäuser (event organiser and music journalist), Louwrens Langevoort (Intendant of the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra) and Regina Wyrwoll (former Secretary General of Kunststiftung NRW).


City Council decidion concerning preparatory measures required to establish the Academy of the Arts of the World (study, concept, Search Committee). Artists and cultural producers in Cologne write an open letter to City Council members promoting the establishment of the Academy of the Arts of the World (Akademie der Künste der Welt) in Cologne.

Presentation of initiative committee results regarding the new Akademie der Künste der Welt concept to approximately 130 participants. This was followed by a workshop discussion of the concept with approximately 90 participants.


Workshop to determinethe ideas and wishes concerning a possible house of world cultures in Cologne with approximately 120 participants.

Nomination of an initiative committee to develop ideas and concepts for a house of world cultures in Cologne in cooperation with the Cultural Office of Cologne by Dr. Konrad Schmidt-Werthern (head of the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne).

Members were: Dr. habil. Navid Kermani (author and Orientalist), Andreas Freudenberg (Global Music /Berlin), Dr. Matthias Hamann (director of the Museum Service of the City of Cologne) Hans Nieswandt (DJ and music journalist), Prof. Dr. Erwin Orywal (ethnologist), Prof. Dr. Bernd Scherer (director of Haus der Kulturen der Welt), Dr. Mark Terkessidis (author, immigration researcher), Manos Tsangaris (composer).

The City Council orders the administration to develop a concept for an “independent space for dialogue and cultural, interreligious and social debate” in Cologne in cooperation with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

During his time as a Permanent Fellow at Haus der Kulturen in Berlin, Navid Kermani and the director Bernd Scherer design plans for a location in Cologne. Together with Franz Sommerfeld (Publisher Neven/DuMont) and Michael Hirz (Phoenix) they are able to convince acting Mayor Fritz Schramma and SPD party chairman of the Cologne City Council, Martin Börschel, to intensify the international artistic dialogue in Cologne.

(Source: 10/2012 – Academy of the Arts of the World |

Programme for the opening ceremony on 27th October 2012

The Academy consists of renowed artists, theorists and curators of all art disciplines and continents. A maximum of 40 members be included. One of the founding members is Madhusree Dutta (film maker, curator and pedagogue)


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