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Archive for September 26th, 2012

Darbar Festival (U.K.): 27-30 September 2012

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on September 26, 2012

Darbar Festival 2012

The 7th annual Darbar Festival will be helad at the Southbank Centre. on 27th till 30th September 2012. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice to Indian classical music, you’re in for a treat. Join the Darbar Festival as one of the finest Indian classical music Festivals in U.K..

India offers a spectacular sensory cultural experience from the sheer diversity of its people, it’s dazzling array of art, food, languages and its range of religions. It’s no wonder that one of the greatest forms of classical music comes from the Indian sub-continent.

So what makes the Darbar Festival so special? Darbar is presenting India’s two traditions – Hindustani (north Indian) and Carnatic (south Indian) – together.

From the Hindustani tradition the Darbar Festival 2012 brings you one of India’s greatest sitar maestros, Ustad Shujaat Khan with tabla maestro Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. Come and experience rare ragas by the khayal vocalist Shruti Sadolikar-Katkar.

Headlining from the Carnatic tradition it is one of India’s greatest violin duo Nagraj and Manjunath (Mysore) and on the fabulous veena the maestro Chitraveena Ravikiren.

Those musicians who may not have been heard as one of the top class artists are performing for the first time in the UK. E.g. Prattyush Banerjee on sarod, Pushpraj Koshti on surbahar, Joydeep Ghosh on surshingar, Shubh Maharaj on tabla. Lovers of vocal music must not miss Ram Deshpande Mahadeva singing khayal.

In addition, Chitrangana Agle-Reshwal India’s only female pakhawaj player and Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar singing khayal return after many years for their second visit to London.

The Festival Line up 2012… 




(source of pictures: Darbar Festival 2012)

The Darbar Festival 2012 is partnering with the Southbank Centre in London. Come and experience rare instruments and musical traditions, the chance to talk to performers, free family foyer events including a stimulating digital art installation project. Signing up a Indian Classical Music Appreciation courses (13th and 20th Sept, 4th/11th/18th Oct) will enable the visitor to further understand and enjoy the classical form of Indian music.

For those of you outside London capital city are some events as part of the Festival – see local/regional event’s guide for concerts.

Incredible India, incredible music. Give yourself an experience of a lifetime.

(Source: 09/2012 – Darbar Festival 2012 | Darbar Arts Culture Heritage Trust)

If the PDF Player is not opening, pls download the brochure from here…

Darbar Festival 2011… Uday Bhawalkar with Raga Bhimpalasi 

Darbar Festival 2011… Roopa Panesar (Sitar) with Raga Puriya 


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2nd October 2012: 143rd Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi + International Day of Non-Violence & Peace

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on September 26, 2012

Letter of invitation referring the occasion of the celebration of the 143rd Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and the International Day of Non-Violence and Peace.

The celebration will take place on the 2nd of October 2012 at 1900 hrs in the Albert Schaefer Hall, Handelskammer, Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg.

You are requested to attend the event on the 2nd of October 2012 with your family and also to inform all those known to you.

For further details you may like to contact Mahatma Gandhi Gedenkintiative in Hamburg at the address given below.

Mahatma Gandhi Gedenkintiative
Mützendorpsteed 46
D-22179 Hamburg
Tel: 040-64202836

Inauguration Cerremony on the morning of 2nd October 2012

Consul General, Ms. M. Subashini and students of Blankenese School (Hamburg), Hamburg’s Senator for Culture Ms. Barbara Kisseler addressing the audience, the plaque to be placed on the bridge being unveiled and Members of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Initiative…

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