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15th August: The 66th Independence Day of India 2012

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on August 14, 2012

Indian Independence Day 2012…

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by Ankit Pandey

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Independence Day is observed in India as the gazette holiday. It is celebrated on 15th August every year. State, local and national government offices, banks, post offices and other institutions are closed on Independence Day. Business organizations are closed for the entire day or have some specific opening hours. So, this is the 66th Independence Day for India this year in 2012 and will be celebrated on Wednesday, August 15.

The public transportation is generally unaffected as the locals travel to celebrate the day. There is tight security on this day as well. Kite flying is the major activity that is taken up on Independence Day that truly symbolizes its value and significance.

Sky is all dotted with colorful, innumerable kites that are flown from the fields and rooftops to highlight India’s spirit of freedom and independence. Kites of different shapes, patterns, shades, colors and sizes are available in wide variety in the markets. You can even opt to have the Tri Colored kite, resembling like the Indian national flag.

Even the Red Fort in New Delhi is the important place as it is the one where the Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru first unveiled the Indian flag on 15th August 1947. A large number of people watch Doordarshan in the morning to see live broadcast of the Prime Minister’s speech at Red Fort. It is basically the main highlight of Independence Day.

The Prime Minister’s speech, documentaries showing excerpts from independence struggle and national songs are televised on local TV channels. Societies and buildings also organize cultural programs on the day and fly the kites with one another.

Sweets and Independence Day greetings are also exchanged among all to celebrate India’s Independence from the British rule. Children dress up as freedom fighters and participate in the cultural shows to celebrate the day with much enthusiasm and happiness.

(Source: 08/2012 – | Festivals)

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