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IMC – India meets Classic celebrates 6th birthday… since 27th March 2006 “onair” via radio…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on March 27, 2012

Hamburg, 27th March 2012

Dear musical and Indian friends ! 

… the 27th March is a very special day…. As you can read, it’s the date where all began with the radio shows for Indian Classics in 2006 ( ). Otherwise we would not know us… 🙂

Thanks to MyIncredibleIndia, thanks to Indian art and music, thanks to all the people I got to know hereby around the globe… wonderful listeners, great artists, lecturers, event organizers, music label owners, producers, scientists etc. …

In the 6th year of existence IMC – India meets Classic made some important steps forward. In 2011 were contracted four more radio channels in Austria, Switzerland and Germany (Berlin) which gives the confidence to present Indian music culture in an adequate form to the Western/European listeners.

The installation of the own radio recording studio during the annual pause in summer 2011 brought up new conditions for independency in production facilities and progressing in professionalising the radio moderation.

In October we contracted to overhand the whole media archive to the German Radio Archive which is guided under the roof of the ARD Foundation (Germany’s biggest TV/Radio broadcasting network with 5.5 billion EUR annual budget). This external archivying guarantees on long term run (for eternity) that all IMC’s media productions and different formats are preserved for following generations of listeners and for scientific research.

The broadcasting start in Berlin on 1st December as Germany’s biggest city and cultural centre of Europe was another important step to move forward with 5 more broadcasting dates monthly and with “Thought Experiment(s)” as a new format which is still in progress regularly as planned.

Last we got contracted in February 2012 to support a private museum in New Delhi, India by media researches till end of 2013. Another important step to link more deeply with India.

But more important is to experience all the smiles on Indian faces…in such difficult times of world financial crisis, bank and Euro crisis we all hope (and pray for) that the European Union is not striking down and battered.

To remember the “social idea” ( ) of promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic” for a knowledge transfer from South Asia/India to Europe to educate about the healing effects of Indian Ragas… the latest studies of September 2011 about Europe and psyche illnesses were a real shock – . An increase from 27% in 2005 to 38% in 2010 is measured and clearly show that psyche illnesses are affecting huge parts of the European

ElJay R. on mic

ElJay R. on mic

population (at all >160 million are affected !!!) without adequate capacities for medical treatment/therapies.
Psyche illnesses are a ticking bomb in or modern societies, worldwide. More than ever the media productions by promotion initiative IMC – India meets Classic are required to ensure the knowledge transfer… therefore in the 7th year

we will expand our activities and have some new ones herefore we need supporters, donators, volunteers, competences… if you can identify with our targets and you like to give support, feel free to contact me directly ( ) .

I may express my deep thanks to many people around the globe, e.g. Ben and Chris from Switzerland, Gerd and Claudia in Berlin, Ben in Hamburg, Sabina, Andreas, Mario and Evelyn in Austria and many, many other people I cannot name all here for supporting and encouraging me on this uniquely journey through the vast ocean of Indian music. – Let’s challenge the future together successfully with benefits to our societies in the global village !

Warm Regards by heart
ElJay R.

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