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The Jhaptal Project… A Documentary In Ten Beats

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on December 25, 2011

Jhaptal A Documentary In Ten Beats 

… explores the spiritual, artistic, and educational philosophy at the root of the world’s most evolved musical tradition, Shastriya Sangeet ~ Indian Classical and Hindustani Music ~ as it cries out for the progress of culture and peaceful development between East and West today… bringing to light a longstanding musical brotherhood between Hinduism and Islam, and the sacred knowledge of sonic bliss ~ the art and science of Raga & Tala ~ that is still streaming forth from the wisdom of ancient India, yet risks being lost amidst cultural westernization.

The story…

Spurred by the desire to learn music, to find God, and to better understand India’s oral/aural tradition of artistic education, filmmaker Sandi Higgins (now Utpal Devi), travels across oceans to meet the masters and exponents of Indian Classical and Hindustani Music. Through her energetic and engaging lens, we look backstage, listen onstage, and travel offstage to learn about the basics of Raga & Tala and the Guru Disciple Tradition today; while glimpsing the world of the musicians, and the Hindustani culture, in ways that audiences rarely have the chance to see and hear.


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