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Thought Experiment(s) – vichinthana pratisaMvedan: The Concept of Culture (every 3rd Thursday)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on December 15, 2011

Thought Experiment(s) no. “00” – vichinthana pratisaMvedan

The show will be broadcasted monthly, every 3rd Thursday at 09:00 pm CET (03:00 pm EST) worldwide as Internet radio (radio / Berlin) and bi-lingual and repeated following Sunday from 07:00-08:00 am CET (11:30-12:30 Indian Time).

The introductory premiere shortly before Christmas is given the topic “The Concept of Culture” and illuminates in a first outline the relationship between culture and civilization, with reference to Immanuel Kant‘s sense orientation, cultural symbolic language and cultural regions.

date of broadcasting…

25th Dec 2011 – 07:00-08:00 am CET (11:30-12:30 am Indian Time) @ radio (Germany/Berlin)
(premiere: 22nd Dec 2011 – 09:00 pm CET @ radio
broadcasting plan | streaming (Internet Radio & Mobile Radio) | podCast

Thought experiment(s) literally means in Sanskrit: vichintana pratisaMvedan. – ‘vichintana’ has the meaning: ‘thinking about the aftermath more than once’. And pratisaMvedan is the experiment. The term collectively can be understood as “thinking about the aftermath in an empirical fashion“.

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