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Premiere on 6th & 9th May: Indian E-music & IMC – India meets Classic will be broadcasted in Switzerland

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on May 6, 2011

After more than 5 years broadcasting via Tide 96.0 FM (with start in May 2006 for IMC – India meets Classic) its time to expand from our home channel in Hamburg (North Germany) cross national borders to our German language neighbourhood countries.

Compared with the global broadcasting as Internet Radio it’s something very different if a format is “onair” via local/regional radio stations, herewith directly ‘front the door’ of listeners in Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark or Poland (which are all regions with German speaking/understanding people).

ElJay’s 1st negotiations began with Switzerland in December 2010. The promotion initiatiave IMC – India meets Classic has contracted now with Radio RaSA (Association Radio Alternative of Schaffhausen) for the next four (4) years with three (3) more hours monthly broadcasting time:

– 1x Indian E-music (every 1st Friday @ 08:00 pm)
– 2x IMC – India meets Classic (every 2nd & 4th Monday @ 10:00 pm).

Radio RaSA is a NGO for Community Radio broadcasting (advertising free) as FM radio (107.2 MHz), via SASAG cable network (106.4) and as Internet radio in the region of Schaffhausen (international famous for the Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) and Jazz Festival).
The young history of Radio RaSA goes back to 1993 but this unique radio station managed quickly over the years to establish itself with regular (daily) listeners and a media coverage of ca. 30% of whole population.

Frontpage – (5/5/11)                             RaSA shows A-Z with Indian E-music & IMC – India meets Classic


programme schedule May 2011:
– Indian E-music premiere on 6th May – 08:00 pm         – IMC premiere on 9th and 23rd May – 10:00 pm


// short documentation of Radio RaSA


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