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1st Audio Post using “Post by Voice”

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 29, 2011

ElJay Arem (RJ JayR) "live" onair in Studio1 @ Tide 96.0 FM (Dec 2010)

ElJay Arem (RJ JayR) "live" onair in Studio1 @ Tide 96.0 FM (Dec 2010)

This is a 1st test recording with the “Post by Voice.” feature on IMCRadio.Net’s Blog site (using wordpress system)..

Let’s check the different features, e.g.

– sound quality…

– reaction speed of (automated) posting…

– documentation

– data storage

– customer acceptance & usability

– Using the US tel. number… regular charge [with world flat rate “cost free” 🙂 ]

– menue for recording a new audio message… very, very simple

– Blog publishing… automated public status…

critics 1: it would be better, if I can decide before I record by “press the button” function if I want store it as “draft” in my blog system or publish it immediatelly with automated linkage to Twitter and Facebook…

critics 2: the titel of the audio blog post should be more precized… e.g. recording time, and recording length (the storage uses UTC)

critics 3: the custom message for Facebook and Twitter (as tweet) does not contain a “short link”… very bad 😦

More important the question: Does the user like it ? – Tell… and give critical comments here 🙂


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