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Saptak Annual Festival 2010 – Viraasat (1st till 13th Jan 2010)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on December 30, 2009

The famous Russian composer and concert pianist Sergei Rachmaninov had once said that, “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” To delve deeper into the world of music, a group of performers and music connoisseurs in Ahmedabad started on a journey in 1980 The quest was to connect with all those who were associated with Indian classical music – as a performer, as a student or as a rasika (listener). The initiative had the blessings of two legends of Indian Classical Music – Pt. Ravishankar and Pt. Kishan Maharaj. Nearly 30 years later, the spark of inspiration continues to burn bright, lighting up the path for newer initiatives that continue to evolve.

Saptak annual festival of music
The annual festival of music organised by Saptak from the 1st to 13th of January every year, is a musical feast that is the delight of any music connoisseur. This celebration of music is quite a unique experience in itself. The evening’s performance always begins with an emerging talent. With several luminaries in the audience, this is a grand stage for the young performer.

As the evening progresses, some of the most renowned performers in Indian classical music take the stage. The rasikas often leave in the early hours of the morning with a Raag Baghesri, Malkauns or Lalit still humming in their ears. It’s a celebration of music in its purest form. There are no tickets, no reservations, and one gets to be in the hall only through invitation. With the hall brimming over with highly knowledgeable and sensitive music connoisseurs, the performers are motivated to put forth their best performance at Saptak.

What makes the annual fare a memorable one is that it scales over popular demands to provide a rich bouquet of experience. While the audience gets treated to vintage khayal performances from the established maestros, they also have an opportunity to experience the dhrupad gayaki, thumris, rajasthani folk music, instrumental recitals of sitar, sarangi, flute, the mohan veena, rudra veena and percussion recitals on the tabla, pakhawaj and even the mridangam by the great contemporary musicians and musical experimentations of fusion . With nearly 125 top artistes and about 50 performances spread over 13 days (15 Baithaks including 2 morning baithaks), the music lovers from all over India and abroad converge at the Saptak music festival for an unparalleled experience.

No Artist Name Instrument / Vocal Event
Event Time
1 Shri Bhaskar Nath Shehnai 01-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Ram Nath Shehnai
Shri Manu Maharaj Sur Mandal
Shri Kedar Nath Tabla
2 Ustad Shujat Khan Sitar
Shri Sandeep Das Tabla
3 Pandit Jasraj Vocal
Shri Ratan Mohan Sharma Vocal
Pt.Nandan Mehta Tabla
Shri Vijay Ghate Tabla
Shri Mukund Petkar Harmonium

1 Ms.Geeta Javadekar Vocal 02-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Jajwalya Shukla Tabla
Shri Raju Gandharva Harmonium
2 Jayini Shah Sitar
Aishwarya Jalnapurka Sitar
Aastha Kachchi Sitar
Kabirdan Gadhvi Tabla
3 Pt.Shounak Abhisheki Vocal
Shri Arvind Azad Tabla
Shri Sudhir Nayak Harmonium
4 Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia Flute
Shri Vijay Ghate Tabla

1 Shri Basant Kabra Sarod 03-1-10 10:00:AM
Shri Akram Khan Tabla
2 Felicitation of Padmabhushan Dr.R.C.Mehta
3 Ms.Shubha Mudgal Vocal
Shri Aneesh Pradhan Tabla
Shri Sudhir Nayak Harmonium
4 Shreyansh Shah Tabla 08:30:PM
Rahul Kushawaha Tabla
Kalpesh Bhojak Harmonium
5 Ms.Pratima Tilak Vocal
Shri Aneesh Pradhan Tabla
Shri Sudhir Yardi Harmonium
6 Ustad Nishat Khan Sitar
Shri Fazal Qureshi Tabla
7 Pt.Ulhas Kashalkar Vocal
Shri Yogesh Samsi Tabla
Shri Sudhir Nayak Harmonium
Shri Sarwar Hussain Sarangi

1 Ms.Rujul Pathak-Pota Vocal 04-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Munjal Mehta Tabla
Shri Raju Gandharva Harmonium
2 Shri Manu Seen Sitar
Shri Himanshu Mahant Tabla
3 Shri Venkatesh Kumar Vocal
Shri Prithviraj Mishra Tabla
Shri Shishirchandra Bhatt Harmonium
Shri Moinuddin Khan Sarangi
4 Shri Amaan Ali Khan Sarod
Shri Ayaan Ali Khan Sarod
Shri Shubhanker Banerjee Tabla

1 Pt.Krishna Mohan Bhatt Sitar 05-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Shubhanker Banerjee Tabla
2 Pt.L.K.Pandit Vocal
Shri Akram Khan Tabla
Ustad Mehmood Dhaulpuri Harmonium
Shri Ikram Khan Sarangi
3 Pt.Shivkumar Sharma Santoor
Shri Yogesh Samsi Tabla

1 Ms.Sanhita Nandi Vocal 06-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Pravin Shinde Tabla
Shri Yameen Khan Harmonium
2 Ustad Ashish Khan Sarod
Pt.Pooran Maharaj Tabla
3 Ms.Jayanti Ravi Vocal
Shri Vellore Ramabhadran Mridangam
Ms.Usha Rajagopal Violin
4 Zakir Hussain Tabla
Shri Sabir Khan Sarangi

1 Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan Vocal 07-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Rafiuddin Sabri Tabla
Shri Sudhir Yardi Harmonium
2 Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Mohan Veena
Rajasthani Folk Group
Anwar Khan Manganiar Lok Geet
Gazi Khan Khadtal
Ghevar Khan Kamayacha
Firoz Khan Dholak
Barkat Khan Lok Geet
Shri Ramkumar Mishra Tabla
3 Ustad Sultan Khan Sarangi
Shri Sabir Khan Sarangi- Support
Shri Dilshad Khan Sarangi- Support
Shri Prithviraj Mishra Tabla

1 Shri Josh Bennet Sitar 08-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Jay Dabgar Tabla
2 Shri Vikas Parikh Vocal
Shri Pravin Shinde Tabla
Shri Raju Gandharva Harmonium
3 Pt.Bhajan Sopori Santoor
Shri Rafiuddin Sabri Tabla
4 Pt.Rajan Mishra Vocal
Pt.Sajan Mishra Vocal
Pt.Kumar Bose Tabla
Shri Dharmanath Mishra Harmonium

1 Shri Alla Rakha Kalavant Sarangi 09-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Prithviraj Mishra Tabla
2 Pt.Ajay Pohanker Vocal
Shri Arvind Azad Tabla
Shri Dharmanath Mishra Harmonium
Shri Alla Rakha Kalavant Sarangi
3 Ustad Shahid Parvez Sitar
Shri Shakir Khan Sitar- Support
Pt.Kumar Bose Tabla

1 Megh Vayada Vocal – Vandana 10-1-10 05:30:PM
Anushree Das Vocal – Vandana
Radhika Parikh Vocal – Vandana
Trusha Trivedi Vocal – Vandana
Shri Vasishth Shastri Tabla
2 Shri Prashant Mallik Dhrupad
Shri Nishant Mallik Dhrupad
Shri Ravishanker Upadhyay Pakhawaj
3 Dr.N.Rajam Violin
Dr.Sangeeta Shanker Violin
Kum.Ragini Shanker Violin- Support
Kum. Nandini Shanker Violin- Support
Shri RamKumar Mishra Tabla
4 Shri Ravishaker Upadhyay Pakhawaj
Shri Rishi Upadhyay Pakhawaj- Support
Ms.Mahima Upadhyay Pakhawaj- Support
Ms.Malati Upadhyay Harmonium
Shri Ikram Khan Sarangi
5 Ms.Shaswati Mandal Pal Vocal
Pt.Gopal Mishra Tabla
Shri Amit Thakker Harmonium
Shri Alla Rakha Kalavant Sarangi
6 Pt. Debu Choudhary Sitar
Shri Shubh Maharaj Tabla
7 Shri Umakant Gundecha Vocal- Dhrupad
Shri Ramakant Gundecha Vocal – Dhrupad
Shri Akhilesh Gundecha Pakhawaj

1 Saptak Instrumental Ensemble: 11-1-10 08:30:PM
Parv Tapodhan Sitar
Vinita Shukla Sitar
Hiral Shah Sitar
Bindu Patel Sitar
Bharvi Shah Sitar
Vibhavari Save Sitar
Shridevi Yajnik Sitar
Shital Patel Sarod
Adit Ravi Flute
Dr.S.B.Chakrabarty Violin
Sapan Anjaria Tabla
2 Ms.Monica Shah Vocal
Shri Nakul Mishra Tabla
Shr Kishore Kunte Harmonium
3 Shri Rahul Sharma Santoor
Shri Aditya Kalyanpur Tabla
Shri Bhavani Shankar Pakhawaj
4 Ustad Rashid Khan Vocal
Shri Vijay Ghate Tabla
Ustad Mehmood Dhaulpuri Harmonium
Shri Murad Ali Sarangi

1 Ms.Madhavi Jhala Kathak 12-1-10 08:30:PM
Shri Vasishth Shastri Tabla
Shri Mehmood Khan Sitar
Shri Prahar Vora Vocal
Shri Alla Rakha Kalavant Sarangi
Shri Shishirchandra Bhatt Pakhawaj
2 Shri Saugato Roy Chaudhary Sarod
Shri Debajyoti Sanyal Tabla
3 Pt.Ajoy Chakraborty Vocal
Shri Yogesh Samsi Tabla
Shri Ajay Joglekar Harmonium

1 Shri Devi Prasad Sitar 13-1-10 08:30:PM
Pt.Gopal Mishra Tabla
2 Ms. Uma Garg Vocal
Shri Nakul Mishra Tabla
Shri Yameen Khan Harmonium
3 Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sarod
Shri Sandeep Das Tabla
Shri Vineet Vyas Tabla


Other Saptak Events

Apart from the annual festival, Saptak also organises a week long Saptak Sankalp Saptah Festival to showcase and promote emerging talents alongwith accomplished, senior Gurus. Shorter festivals to celebrate various seasons such as Vasant (spring) and Varsha (monsoon) are also organised by Saptak.

(Source: 12/2009 –

Impressions from the Saptak 2006

Manju Mehta (Sitar) – Saptak 1999


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