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Hamburg: INDIA WEEK 2009 (23rd Oct – 1st Nov)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on October 16, 2009

India Week Hamburg 2009 - Logo-with-date

Ten days to explore India in Hamburg – the third India Week Hamburg is coming up, with a wide ranging programme on current developments in Indian business, politics and culture. It is run by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in cooperation with organisers from Schleswig-Holstein, and will also include events aimed at building relations with India and providing insights into contemporary Indian culture.


(c) Ramesh Shotham (KCP3) - 30.10.2009

The Indian sub-continent has long since developed into a global player. Its wealth of culture and its ancient traditions exert tremendous fascination, and so does its dynamic economic and demographic development. India is rapidly becoming one of the world′s leading economic nations – a development which proceeds even in these times of global financial crisis, with economic growth of 7% expected for this year again.


(c) Radha Anjali - 23.10.09

The relations with India are also to be intensified in education, science and research. India Week 2009 is putting on a range of events with scientists, students and partner universities. Finally, India Week features a wide range of cultural events showcasing the traditional and modern culture of India – with concerts, readings, film series, exhibitions, discussion events, dance workshops for children, and a Diwali festival as the highlight. The mood will be set by a programme at Kampnagel, with the dance company directed by Padmini Chettur, one of the most exciting choreographers from the young Indian scene.

Pre events:

The Kolkata based photographer Udaysankar Mukherjee and the Hamburg photographer Jörg Böthling set a focus on India′s megacities: Twenty black and white and also some colour images tell the story of life and survival in the unique and exciting metropolises.

Venue: Kommunales Kino Metropolis (Foyer), Steindamm 52/54, 20099 Hamburg
Date: 8th – 31st Oct 2009, 05.00 – 10.30 pm, Finissage on 27th Oct 2009, 06.30 pm
Ticket: free of charge

Padmini Chettur′s new work BEAUTIFUL THING 1 is inspired by the classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam and creates a stylish texture of aesthetics with the beauty of movement. Padmini Chettur, one of the most exciting contemporary Indian choreographers, forms a new, pointed choreographical language in which movement, tempo and space merge to become a suggestive entity.

Venue: Kampnagel K2, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg
Date: 10th and 11th Oct 2009, 07.30 pm
Ticket: 17 €, erm. 8 €, VVK unter or Tel.: +49-(0)40 / 270 949 49
Organizer: Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik GmbH –

Indian Dance-Workshop for Children with Radha Anjali (Austria)

Odissi meets Cello

odissi-meets-cello-2009with Gudrun Märtins (Odissi Dance/Choreography) und pupils, Ashraf Sharif Khan (Sitar), Birte Schultz (Violoncello), Manuel Hansen (Tabla/Percussion) and Sebastian Sprenger (composition).

A new combination of the South-Indian Odissi-Dance with music from the classical traditions of India (Sitar) and Europe (Cello).

Venue: Kirche St. Nicolaus, Sengelmannstraße/Ecke Dorothea-Kasten-Straße, 22297 Hamburg
Date: 1.11.2009, 07.00 pm
Ticket: 8 € (red. 5 €), pre-sales from October on @ oder Tel.: 040 / 4328 0767

Organizer: eigenarten – interkulturelles Festival in Hamburg –

KCP 3 in Concert
– T.A.S. Mani (Mridangam) & R.A. Ramamani (Vocals) & Ramesh Shotam (percussion)

KCP3: Ramamani (vocals)& TAS Mani (mridangam) – 30.10.2009

The founders of the Karnataka College of Percussion in Bangalore take a special position in the Indian classical music. RA Ramamani, one of India´s best singers and TAS Mani, master percussionist, have demonstrated their skills on jazz festivals throughout the world. On this evening, they will show a wide perspective with both South Indian Raga music and jazz influences. Ramesh Shotham, once disciple of TAS Mani now master percussionst himself, is supporting them.

Venue: Museum für Völkerkunde, Rothenbaumchaussee 64, 20148 Hamburg
Time: 30.10.2009, 08.00 pmcover-iab-06-09

Tickets: VVK 13 € (start: 15.09.2009, only in the museum), regular prize: 15 €

Organizer: Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg –

Event programme: 23rd Oct – 1st Nov 2009

Flyer – India Week 2009 (PDF – 1.4 MB)

Indien aktuell Business Newsletter, special edition (PDF – 1.7 MB)


– Johannes Freudewald – Büro für Medienarbeit (Office for Media Work) –
– Pressestelle des Senats (Press – Hamburg Senate) – Simone Ollesch –

(Source: 09/2009 – )

Ramamani performing Avadhana Pallavi…

Ramamani with Charlie Mariano (Sax)…

KCP4 (Ramamani, TAS Mani & Ramesh Shotham ) & Charlie Mariano – live (2007)


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