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16th-18th Sept 2009: bar camp & a2n conference (Berlin)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on September 16, 2009


by Andrea Goetzke — last modified Aug 18, 2009 11:39 AM

all2gethernow is a platform for all those interested in music, creativity and culture and the environments enabling their production, distribution and consumption.


all2gethernow is a communal thinktank for future oriented music and creative industries and culture in Berlin. all2gethernow promotes sustainable solutions for artists, producers, and users across geographic, industry and genre borders in a pragmatic and technology-friendly manner.

all2gethernow invites music business, Internet and web2.0 experts, publishers, distributors, labels, managements, promoters and organisers, musicians and composers, public, private sector and collecting agency representatives and music listeners and fans to exchange experiences and discuss new concepts.

The time has come to abandon old conventions and oppositions – together we can develop sustainable and future oriented business models. This is a call to engage, think ahead and out of the box: All together now!

all2gethernow September 2009 has three event components: the two day #barcamp, the one day #conference and decentral music events on all days at different locations in Berlin – the #cloud.


Current issues concerning sustainable creation of music and the economic and structural conditions will be subject of the #barcamp on the 16th and 17th of September 2009. The #barcamp is structured to include different actors sharing their knowledge and experiences, hands on sessions, open spaces, and networking opportunities instead of top down structures and pre-set agendas.

On the 18th of September the a2n #conference will present examples of best practice business models, selected case studies as well as outcomes of the barcamp in panels, key notes and sessions in the Radialsystem. Aim of the conference is to spark a culture of knowledge sharing and to show ways ahead for the music sector and creative industries from different perspectives.

The a2n #cloud is an invitation to all locations, promoters and events, to link up, become part of and benefit from the the a2n network. Concerts, parties, sessions, presentations, readings, exhibitions (etc) in Berlin all can become part of the #cloud – collective promotion, collective partying, collective thinking.

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