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SWARAJ MUSIC presents… Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on September 12, 2009

It’s Hip Hop…But not as we know it!

This is the definitive biography for fans, friends and people who take a passing interest in the living legend that is Mr Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee, the man who came 18th in Arena magazine’s list of ‘Top 100 coolest things on the planet’ (Arena magazine)

…” is fast becoming one of the hottest UK live acts.
Beatboxing is no longer unique to Urban music
thanks to Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee ”
(Songlines magazine)

With his trademark live FLUTEBOXING [beatboxing and playing the flute at the same time] Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee’s explosive blend unites Hip Hop, Drum ‘n’ bass and Ragga beats with Indian classical, Jazz and Funk melodies.

Nathan-Flutebox-Lee-TheTowerMusicFestival2009-1NATHAN LEE is a true 21st Century musical pioneer, taking live acoustic performance to the next level and urban music into uncharted waters. His hi-octane, hyper-percussive show combines the raw energy and attitude of Hip Hop and Jazz beats with the intricacies and musicianship of classical Indian music.

He has collaborated live and in the studio with, among others, NITIN SAWHNEY, THE PRODIGY, THE ROOTS, BEARDYMAN, PLAN B, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, FOREIGN BEGGARS, MATTAFIX, and ED RUSH & OPTICAL. Nathan has established himself as a UK festival favourite, appearing at BESTIVAL (main stage 2008 & 9) as well as WOMAD (UK, Spain and Gran Canaria – main stage), Larmer Tree and Glastonbury. He is also spreading his sound further afield…to Russia, U.S, Mexico, South East Asia and beyond.

Nathan has just finished his spell as an EMERGING ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at London’s prestigious SOUTH BANK CENTRE and will be continuing his fruitful relationship with them – look out for Nathan’s live show there on 25th September 2009 featuring a whole host of brilliant collaborators including Riz MC, Shri and B.L.O.T (audiovisual collective from New Delhi).

He is also currently writing and recording the score to online drama/murder mystery ‘Who Killed Summer’, due to take the nation’s teenagers by storm this summer. Expect his first CD release and film debut later this year.

After leaving school and working as a labourer for five years Nathan Lee put down his shovel and picked up a flute…not your average path to musical success but then again Nathan Lee is not your average musician. Half Indian and half Scottish, this former pirate radio Jungle MC has a musical education in Hip Hop, Jazz and Tchaikovsky, complemented in recent years by a love of Eastern music inspired by frequent visits to perform in India.

In his spellbinding live show he is joined by his band THE CLINIC – an astounding array of talented musicians from all parts of the globe who take you on a magic carpet ride through dusty Asian streets via New York block parties and grimy London clubs…WANDAN (human beatbox), HANIF KHAN (tabla), MAQUENZIE (keyboards) and rapper SKREIN.

Whether on his own or with his band, Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee is leaving audiences worldwide literally speechless.

This is live music equally at home in a sweaty London club or the Royal Festival Hall. Jump up or stroke your chin – the choice is yours!

(Source: 07/2009 – Womad | NewsThe TowerFestival 2009)

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