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14th World Sanskrit Conference – 01-05 Sept 2009 (Kyoto / Japan)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on August 20, 2009



As agreed by the International Association of Sanskrit Studies (IASS) at its 13th World Sanskrit Conference held in Edinburgh (Scotland, U.K.) in 2006, the 14th World Sanskrit Conference will be held in Kyoto (Japan) from the 1st (Tuesday) to the 5th (Saturday) of September, 2009.

The conference will be hosted jointly by the IASS and the Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University, with the collaboration of the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University, and the Association for the Study of the History of Indian Thought.

Participants & Papers…

Keynote Speakers

– Romila Thapar: Historical Traditions from the Early Indian Past
– Masaaki Hattori: Kyoto and Sanskrit Studies

Mode of Operation…

The 14th World Sanskrit Conference will operate in 15 sections (with five or six sessions running concurrently), each chaired by scholars specialising in the particular field.

The conveners will organise the section and select the papers for presentation. During the conference they will preside over the meetings of the section and/or nominate additional chairs for this purpose. After the conference the conveners will act as editors of the proceedings to be published as a series. The conveners operate in close consultation with the conference organisers; since the organisers are responsible for practical arrangements, please send all correspondence about such matters (registration, abstracts, cancellations, etc.) directly to the conference secretariat.

To ensure a high scholarly level for the conference, the conveners have been asked to invite some scholars to deliver papers. Each section includes a general session and may also contain a panel on a specific topic, for both of which proposals of papers are welcome. Scholars wishing to present a paper who have not been directly contacted by the respective conveners should send the titles and abstracts of their papers to the conference secretariat in Kyoto; they will be forwarded to the relevant conveners, who will review them and include all found suitable.

Section 1 – Veda
Section 2 – Linguistics
Section 3 – Epics and Purāṇas
Section 4 – Āgamas and Tantras
Section 5 – Vyākaraṇa
Section 6 – Poetry, Drama and Aesthetics
Section 7 – Sanskrit and Regional Languages and Literatures
Section 8 – Scientific Literature
Section 9 – Buddhist Studies
Section 10 – Jaina Studies
Section 11 – Philosophy
Section 12 – History of Religion
Section 13 – Ritual Studies
Section 14 – History, Epigraphy, and Art History
Section 15 – Law and Society

Special Panel 1: Sanskrit Studies in Thailand
Special Panel 2: Manuscripts: fieldwork, conservation, digitization

Papers & Abstracts... | Publication of the Papers…

Postal address:
14th World Sanskrit Conference
Graduate School of Letters
Kyoto University
Yoshida Honmachi, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto 606-8501
Fax: +81 75 753 2719
Secretariat: Akihiko Akamatsu, Masato Fujii, Yuko Yokochi

(Source: 08/2009 – Kyoto University)


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