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Ladakh (India): The Confluence – 28-31 Aug 2009

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on August 12, 2009

Festival-Ladakh-Confluence-2009Music knows all languages and speaks to mankind. This year in Ladakh, music maestros will set the stage for experts and enthusiasts to come together to discuss the unique opportunities in the region — as much for the lessons the world can learn as for the benefit of Ladakh.

Festival Site

The festival takes place at Choglamsar, 8 km downhill from Leh, on the banks of the Indus river in the region of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir, India. There will be public transportation to and from the festival site; you’re encouraged to bicycle or walk if you feel like it (remember, it’s uphill on the way home).



Happy Planet

The Ladakh Confluence actively addresses a growing awareness of environmental sustainability and collective participation with several ‘Happy Planet’ initiatives. Learn about our commitment to Ladakh’s environment, andhow you’re an essential part of it.


Talvin Singh The-Ladakh-Confluence-2009-2 The-Ladakh-Confluence-2009-3 The-Ladakh-Confluence-2009-4 The-Ladakh-Confluence-2009-5

from left to right: Talvin Singh, Bauchklang, Rahul Sharma, Davide Swarup, Rodney Branigan

(Artists subject to change)

Tabla magic to the max

BAUCHKLANG (Austria) –
The brain-blasting beatbox boys are back!

TERRAKOTA (Portugal) –
High-energy roots, reggae & African rhythms, Lisboa-style!

Magical, lyrical contemporary santoor

One man. Two guitars. Eleven thousand five hundred feet.

DAVIDE SWARUP (Amsterdam/Italy) –
Hang-drum delight

Hang-drum + didgeridoo mayhem

Experimental, dance-worthy Rajasthani ambient-folk

Drum circle supreme

GATEWAYS (India) –
Gujarati tribal music & dance meet modern Swiss jazz

SOULMATE (India) –
India’s favourite blues band rocks the mountains

SHAA’IR + FUNC (India) –
The electro-pop duo in their new acoustic avatar

Ambient sounds + Didgeridoo + Djembe + Fujara

ANNA VAN RIEL (New Zealand) –
Rootsy, folksy acoustic funk from Kiwi-land


Believe the hype, people. Ladakh is one of the most awesome places on the planet (and we use the word “awesome” in its original sense). The semi-autonomous kingdom is India’s most remote and least populated region, a mixture of snow-capped peaks, green valleys, glassy lakes and Buddhist monasteries.

Sure, you can look at all the pretty pictures you want, but that ain’t diddly-squat when you’re actually standing at the rooftop of the world. Come see it for yourselves – and don’t blame us if you keep coming back.

From one who’s been: “Ladakh is not marketing jargon. It’s the real deal.”


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