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The Times of India: Musical tribute to Gangubai

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 22, 2009

TNN 22 July 2009, 10:58pm IST

HUBLI: The Deshpandenagar residence of Gangubai Hangal here was abuzz with music activities all night as her disciples converged to pay their tributes.

Including Naganath Wodeyar, who is in his 70s and one of Gangajji’s senior disciple and vocalist, at least a dozen musicians paid a fitting tribute to the departed singer by playing her favourite ragas before her mortal remains.

Vocalist and radio personality Shakuntala Bharani from Goa, Gangajji’s granddaughter Veena Hanagal from Pune, Sulabh Neeralgi, Gayathri Deshpande, Jnaneshwar Warang, Ashok Nadiger from Kundgol and others played ragas Yaman, Bihag, Marubihag and Malkuns.

The concert, which began at 10 pm on Tuesday, concluded with Wodeyar singing raga Bhairavi, the most favourite raga of Gangubai, at 4.30 am on Wednesday.

Later, Gadaggi Malleshwar Bhajan Mandali of Surashettykoppa performed bhajans till 9 am. Pothamma, who has nursed Gangajji for more than nine years, and her admirer Maltesh Burappa from Hanagal were beside the mortal remains grieving all along the night.

The admirers of the departed singer were flocking to her residence to pay their last tributes from outside Hubli.

(Source: 07/2009 – | City News)

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