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Lamhi village pulsates with memory of Munshi Premchand

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 31, 2009

Lamhi village pulsates with memory of Munshi Premchand
TNN 31 July 2009, 09:38pm IST

VARANASI: Lamhi, the village located on the busy Varanasi-Azamgarh Road and better known as the birthplace of noted Hindi novelist and story writer, Munshi Premchand, buzzed with series of activities and functions to celebrate the birth anniversary of great literateur on Friday.

Munsi Premchand, (1880-1936)
Munsi Premchand, (1880-1936)

While the regional cultural centre organised an exhibition of old and rare documents, with some of them belonging to the famous novelist in the village, a number of local social and cultural organisations associated with the epic figure organised drama, based on his short stories and novels on the occasion.

A number of colourful cultural programmes, including folk music and dance, were also organised on the Ramleela Ground in the village, as performance of local artistes reminded of the social and cultural transformation that are strongly portrayed in the characters of Premchand.

The Premchand Margdarshan Kendra organised a drama based on Sadgati, an epic novel written by Premchand, depicting the harsh realities of social and cultural discrimination prevalent in the society. A special nautanki (dance drama) was also organised in the village to relive some of the forgotten characters of epic novels by artists from Setu sanstha, a local cultural organisation.

Similarly, other parts of the city also witnessed a series of programmes on the occasion of birth anniversary of the great Hindi novelist.

A special plantation drive was held at Premchand Park, Lahurabir, where members of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam Foundation planted a number of saplings on the occasion.

The schools and educational institutions also organised seminars to explore various facets of Premchand on the occasion. While a special seminar was organised in the department of Hindi and Urdu, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth on the eve of the birth anniversary, the Central Hindu Boys School, Kamachha, under BHU organised programme on the life of Premchand on Friday evening.

(Source: 07/2009 – The Times of India | News – City – Varanasi)

see “Munshi Premchand’s Works In Audio Now” (07/13/2009)

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Chandara Promotions: TABLA Soul – 09/05/2009 (Toronto – CA)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 30, 2009

Chandara Promotions Proudly Presents:


A showcase of 4 Toronto Based Tabla Players performing traditional Indian Classical Solos.


Accompaniment by: GEORGE KOLLER on Bass

Host: Chandara Promotions
Date: Saturday, September 5, 2009
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm (7:30 Doors Open | 8:00 SHARP Curtain)

Location: Betty Oliphant Theatre (c/o Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS))
Street: 400 Jarvis St. (Just South of Bloor)
City/Town: Toronto, ON

Phone: 4169922942

More Information:

(Source: 07/2009 –

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Basant Bahar: Raga Unveilded – A screening (22nd Aug ’09)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 28, 2009

Raga Unveiled – The History and Essence of North Indian Classical Music

All admission $10
Please book in advance. Tickets NOT sold at venue


Basant Bahar is a non-profit organization for the promotion and preservation of the precious heritage of North Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music and Dance.

Based in the San Francisco bay area, Basant Bahar was established in 1982, and is managed by a team of dedicated volunteers, who are passionate music lovers and musicians themselves.

It is the mission of Basant Bahar to present artists of outstanding merit to audiences in the San Francisco Bay area and to provide a platform for up and coming artists to present their talent to Bay area’s discerning music audiences.

Phone: 510 870 2244
Mailing address: 4640 Phebe Ave – Fremont, CA 94555 (San Francisco bay area)

For some more details please check the website

(Source: 07/2009 – Basant Bahar Newsletter (Mailing List))

(Official) “Raga unveiled” Trailer…

Raga Unveiled Synopsis

Philosophy and History

2 DVD Set | Shot in HD (4 hrs. 20 min.) PAL and NTSC comptatible

2 DVD Set | Shot in HD (4 hrs. 20 min.) PAL and NTSC comptatible

Here, the fundamental understanding of pure sound as understood by the sages is expressed. Its primary purpose to attain Self Transcendence is covered.

Sound as described in the Vedas, the chantings of the hymns, the more basic folk or deshi renderings, to the development of Ragas all culminate beautifully and bring you to the modern era. The historical and social influences are also covered.

Note and Melody

The meaning of raga and its grammar is clearly unfolded through the help of interviews, demos and beautiful and informative visual graphics. Many wonderful performances are also interspersed.

Tempo and Rhythm

The unique role of rhythm as an equal limb of Raga music is most articulately emphasized. All the different components of the Indian rhythmic system are laid out, followed by befitting demos and graphics. Its brilliance shines forth through the explanations and performance clips.

Moods and Emotions

The Rasa’s or moods and emotions in a raga are described and the techniques by which they are infused in the music are beautifully demonstrated by many stalwarts. Covering the importance of the audience in this equation brings out a very unique aspect of this music.


The hallmark of the raga music being the ability to play or sing for unlimited time, is driven very clearly in this chapter. A fantastic example in the form of a 6 person ensemble making music on the spot is perhaps the highlight of this film!

Master and Disciple

The extraordinary system of oral transmission of knowledge from teacher to pupil, and all the subtle nuances of this relationship are covered.


Some light is thrown on the system of schools or lineage within the vocal and instrumental genres.

Training and Performance

The ability to be able to perform for such lengths of time and improvise requires a certain extraordinary type of grooming and training system and dedication from the disciple and the guru. Here a glimpse of this is shown leading into how one prepares to become a performer.

Compositional Styles

The journey of the older Dhrupad forms to the present Khyal singing is well explained. Some of the major light classical genres are illuminated. Wonderful renderings of each genre makes this chapter delightful to view.


The classification of the instrumental categories are explained. Some unique aspects of Indian instruments are covered. A great tribute is paid to the instrument makers as well. Also covers a sweeping look at the cottage industries that create these exquisite instruments.

Points to Ponder

Here, many great musicians voice their opinions on todays influences on the musical scene with some heartwarming pledges to keep this wonderful heritage alive.

(Source: © Gita Desai, All Rights Reserved | Raga Unveiled Synopsis –

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New Delhi: Indraprastha Sangeet Samaroh

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 27, 2009

Sahitya Kala Parishad presents…

“Indraprastha Sangeet Samaroh”

dedicated to Ustad Vilayat Khan


Vilayat Khan (1928-2004) | Source: David Courtney @

Ustad Vilayat Khan (Bangla: বিলায়েত খাঁ Bilaeet Khã) (August 8, 1928–March 13, 2004) was one of India‘s well known sitar maestros, born in Gauripur in Mymensingh, Bengal (now in Bangladesh). He recorded his first 78-RPM disc at the age of 8, and gave his last concert in 2004 at the age of 75.

Vilayat Khan taught many of of today’s prominent musicians.  These include Vilayat Khan’s two sons Ustad Shujaat Khan, and Hidyat Khan.  His nephew Rais Khan is also a famous sitarist.  Pdt. Arvind Parikh, Shamim Ahmed Khan, and Satish Vyas were all his students.  Even Vilayat Khan’s younger brother, Ustad Imrat Khan (sitar and surbahar) was taught by him in his younger days.

Date  : 3rd-5th August 2009
Time  : 6:30 pm
Place : Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-110001
Entry : Free
Organizer: Sahitya Kala Parishad – Academy of Performing and Fine Arts (Govt. of NCT of Delhi for music, dance, drama & fine arts)


3rd August : Ustad Sujat Khan ( Sitar ) & Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan ( Hindustani Vocal )

4th August : Vidhushi Kalapini Komkali ( Hindustani Vocal ), Pt. Bhajan Sopori and Abhay Rustum Sopori ( Santoor )

5th August : Sudha Raghunathan ( Carnatic Vocal ), Ustad Nishad Khan ( Sitar ) and Ustad Rashid Mustafa Thirakwa ( Tabla )

(Source: 07/2009 –

Part 1: Raga Hamir (Aalap) – Sitar solo by Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahib…

Part 2: Raga Hamir (Drut) – Sitar solo by Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahib…

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TNN: Chandavarkar was an innovative and imaginative composer

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 27, 2009

Chandavarkar was an innovative and imaginative composer

Chitra Nair, TNN 27 July 2009, 03:48am IST

Bhaskar Chandavarkar-Profile-072009-1PUNE: An acclaimed music composer, eminent sitarist, well known theatre personality and a learned academician, Bhaskar Chandavarkar breathed his last in Pune on Sunday morning at the age of 73. He was suffering from cancer. Leaving behind a vast body of work, that most say, is unparalleled, Chandavarkar has rendered music to a number of films across languages including Marathi, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam, only to name a few.

Some of these films include Amol Palekar’s Aakrit’ and Thoda Sa Rumani Ho Jaayen,’ Girish Karnad‘s Ondanondu Kaladalli’ (Once Upon A Time), Jabbar Patel’s Samna’, Mrinal Sen‘s Khandhar’ and Chitra Palekar’s Maati Maay.’ A disciple of sitar maestro Pt Ravi Shankar, from whom he learned the instrument, Chandavarkar was also part of the faculty at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) for a number of years.

Recalling his association with Chandavarkar which began with his directorial debut, Aakrit,’ actor-director Amol Palekar said Chandavarkar was one of those few musicians who could effortlessly guide from prose to poetry in music. “Our association was beautiful and his music, outstanding. We have worked together for a number of films after Aakrit,’ including Kairi.’ However, my fondest memories with him are when we worked together for the show Nakshtranche Dene’ paying homage to poet Aarti Prabhu which was entirely conceived, designed and produced by him,” says Palekar. It was for this event that all theatre actors and singers came together, the funds generated from which were given to the poet’s family.”

For director Jabbar Patel, Chandavarkar passing is a personal loss. “He was not only a great composer but an extremely knowledgeable person who contributed much to music through the time he spent teaching at the FTII. I met him in Pune and I knew he would be the right person for Ghashiram Kotwal‘,” he recalls.

The Vijay Tendulkar play eventually went on to make a mark all over the world, and Patel says Chandavarkar’s music was an inseparable part of the production. “His work in the play was imaginative and the music was a breakaway from the traditional Marathi theatre. Later, when I was offered my first film, Samna’, I could only think of him,” Patel recalls.

Chandavarkar was equally a big inspiration to the younger breed of filmmakers and it’s little wonder that director Kranti Kanade approached Chandavarkar with what he now calls shaking knees.’ “I wanted him to compose the music for my short film Chaitra’. I remember requesting him to watch the rough cuts and then give me his answer. Despite being busy, he agreed and it was one of the happiest days in my life when he replied in the positive,” says Kanade.

Chaitra’ went on to win the national award for best music direction in the non-feature category for Chandavarkar in 2002. “What was even more remarkable was that when I approached him I had no money. So, he not only composed for the film but also paid for all the expenses incurred during the production,” Kanade says.

Playwright Satish Alekar too has fond memories of Chandavarkar. “He was an authority on traditional music, but had a modern outlook. This was perhaps because he had witnessed Pt Ravi Shankar’s tour with The Beatles abroad. He was innovative and was known to help everyone.”

Film officer at the FTII, Chandrashekhar Joshi, recalls the time when Chandavarkar taught him music and cinema during a film appreciation course. “Folk music was his love and as we can see it, he used them aptly in different films. He was also very appreciative of folk musicians and the sacrifices they made to keep the art alive.”

Palekar, however, rues that he could not meet Chandavarkar before he died. “It was his wish that no one go to meet him and respecting that and his seniority, I did not go. But I do wish I could have met him one last time.”

(Source: 07/2009 – The Times of India)

Kunachya Khandyavar Kunache – Samna (1975)

Lyrics – Aarti Prabhu
Music – Bhaskar Chandavarkar
Singer – Ravindra Sathe
Actor – Shreeram Lagu, Nilu Phule

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MTG: Music Director Bhaskar Chandavarkar Passes Away…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 27, 2009

Music Director Bhaskar Chandavarkar Passes Away…

July 27, 2009 4:41:13 PM IST
MTG (Mumbai Theatre Guide) editorial

Vijay Tendulkar’s GHASHIRAM KOTWAL, directed by Jabbar Patel was a landmark production in the history of Indian Theatre. Amongst the core things that people still recall about the production, was the music composed by Bhaskar Chandavarkar.

Bhaskar Chandavarkar
Bhaskar Chandavarkar

Well known musician and sitarist, Chandavarkar composed musical scores for about 40 films in Hindi, Marathi and Malayalam. He had even composed music for PL Deshpande’s Marathi adaptation of Brecht’s play, TEEN PAISHACHA TAMASHA.

Chandavarkar’s music compositions for offbeat films include Amol Palekar’s Aakrit and Jabbar Patel’s Saamna and Sinhasan. Chandavarkar taught music at the Film and Television Institute (FTII) in Pune, where he lived. He was known for his academic proficiency and was well-versed with Western music too. In 1988 he received the Sangeet Natak Akademi award.

He was 73 when he passed away on 26th July 2009 in Pune. He was suffering from cancer.

(Source: 07/27/09 – | Mumbai Theatre Guide)

Sakhya Re Ghayal Mee Harini – Samna

Lyrics – Jagdish Khebudkar
Music – Bhaskar Chandavarkar
Singer – Lata Mangeshkar
Actors – Nilu Phule

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The Hindu: India to have 3rd largest online population by 2013 (07/27/09)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 27, 2009

Online edition of India’s National Newspaper
Monday, Jul 27, 2009

India to have 3rd largest online population by 2013

New Delhi: The number of internet users worldwide is expected to touch 2.2 billion by 2013 and India is projected to have the third largest online population by then, a report by technology and market research firm Forrester Research said.

“The number of people online around the world will grow more than 45 per cent to 2.2 billion users by 2013 and Asia will continue to be the biggest Internet growth engine… India will be the third largest internet user base by 2013 with China and the U.S. taking the first two spots, respectively.” Globally, there were about 1.5 billion internet users in 2008.

Titled ‘Global Online Population Forecast, 2008 to 2013’ the report said, “In some of the emerging markets in Asia such as China, India and Indonesia, the average annual growth rates will be 10 to 20 % over the next five years (2008-13).” The number of internet users In Indian was estimated to be 52 million in 2008.

In the next four years, about 43 per cent of internet users globally are anticipated to be from Asia, with China accounting for about half of that population.
Asian growth

“… the shifting online population and growing spending power among Asian consumers means that Asian markets will represent a far greater percentage of the total in 2013 than they do today,” Forrester Research Senior Analyst Zia Daniell Wigder said.

“The percentage of the global online population located in North America will drop from 17 per cent to 13 per cent between 2008 and 2013, while Europe’s share will shrink from 26 to 22 per cent. The percentage of those in Asia will increase from 38 per cent to 43 per cent and Latin America will remain steady at about 11 per cent of the global total,” Forrester said.

The report said apart from China, other Asian countries with substantial online growth rates include India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

“By contrast, growth rates in some of the more mature markets such as Japan and South Korea will rise by less than two per cent each year.” — PTI

(Source: © 07/2009 – The Hindu | Online Edition)

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Mumbai: Pandit Chitresh Das & Ustad Nishat Khan (2nd Aug 2009)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 26, 2009

Pandit Chitresh Das & Ustad Nishat Khan in Mumbai

Presented by Showhouse

Chitresh Das-and-Ustad Nishat Khan-in-Mumbai-2nd-August-2009Date: Sunday, August 2, 2009Time: 7:30-10:30pm
Location: Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi
Street: Sayani Road
City/Town: Mumbai, India

Showhouse presents a unique evening of Kathak and Sitar featuring two of the most dynamic artists to emerge from India: Pandit Chitresh Das (Kathak) & Ustad Nishat Khan (Sitar).

Ticket Rate: Rs. 500/-, Rs. 300/-, Rs. 200/-, Rs. 100/-
Available from 25th July at Auditorium, Rhythm House, Planet M (Bandra, Andheri).

Phone: 912226789218

Pt. Chitresh Das performs his legendary traditional Kathak solo – Pt. 1

Pt. Chitresh Das performs his legendary traditional Kathak solo – Pt. 2

Imrat Khan & Sons (Nishat & Irshad Khan) – Raag Kalavati (Teental)

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Kolkata: Musical programme – Memory of renowened tabla player Radhakanta Nandy

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 25, 2009

A musical programme in memory of renowened tabla player Radhakanta Nandy (Benares Gharana).

Date: Aug 01, 2009 Saturday 05:00 PM
Location: Rabindra Sadan – Kolkata


Also, felicitation to Pandit Gobindo Bose (tabla), Mitra Bandyopadhyay (Rabindrasangeet) and Ramola Chakraborty (social work).

Organised in association with Pather Panchali.

(Source: 07/2009 –

Shri RadhaKanta Nadny accompanying…

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15th Przystanek Woodstock – 31.07. – 02.08.2009

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on July 24, 2009


AMBA – Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts…

  • The AMBA workshops
  • The AMBA guests
  • The „Morning Yoga” series; yoga workshops by the „Art of Living” Foundation
  • “Frikolekcje” free guitar workshops
  • Classic by night – “The Merry Widow”
  • – the Commissioner’s for Civil Rights Protection portal

There has never been an edition of the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts like the one that we want to organize this year! It’s all the result of the three years’ experience, of many people’s hard work, and of the determination to keep the idea of AMBA alive. It’s also thanks to the engagement our guests and our host Zbyszek Hołdys.

The names of this year’s AMBA guests will be announced soon, but we may say right now that these will be extraordinary people, as it has always been in the history of the project. Why do they want to come? Because they know that they will meet intelligent people who know the rules of polite listening and discussing; they know they will take part in meetings which are held in a great atmosphere. We don’t eat and don’t smoke in the Academy. And finally, although participation in the project is voluntary, the tent is usually filled to the brim with people.

AMBA is not just about discussions and meetings, it’s also about all kinds of artistic workshops, as well as the possibility to “touch” art, even if it was just a little. We do this by painting, sculpting, playing guitar or watching movies. Apart from the discussions, this year’s edition of AMBA will hold a great movie festival called “Lódź-Stock”. The event will be organized by the “Plaster” Cultural Initiatives Foundation (Fundacja Inicjatyw Kulturalnych). Visit the Łódź-Stock Film Festival to see important cinematographic works on a big, inflatable screen.

Another opportunity awaiting you this year is the late-night performance of the Operetta Mazovian Musical Theatre. Please note that the artists will be presenting “The Merry Widow”! Delighted by the success of the “Kiepura” project last year, they decided to stage what they consider the greatest operetta hit of all times. By the way – shouldn’t such project be co-funded by the Ministry of Culture?

As for the appearance of AMBA, some changes have been introduced. One big tent will replace the two small ones. If needed, it will be divided into smaller parts. There will also be additional lighting and an art gallery created by one of Poland’s most important museums, The National Museum in Cracow. The gallery will exhibit collections of incredible works of art created over the centuries. We will soon choose a number of these works to be presented in the form of huge reproductions and explained in details. You will be able to learn their stories and listen to incredible tales about them. Mrs. Zofia Gołubiew, the Museum’s director, is very enthusiastic about the gallery project. As a matter of fact the Museum is also enganged in many educational projects which effectively promote Polish and international art.

Finally, the most important thing – Piotr Najsztub agreed to take on our invitation, which means that his famous journalist and TV presenter will host our discussions in this year’s Academy! Piotr Najsztub has worked for many TV stations and newspapers, including Przekrój, TVN, TVP and Polsat. I myslef had the chance to work with him exactly 16 years ago at the festival in Jarocin, where Piotr worked as a correspondent for Gazeta Wyborcza. I’m convinced that Piotr Najsztub will be an important asset to the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts. We have gained a sharp and intelligent host who knows how to lead the conversation around to interesting subjects.

The AMBA guests

The President of the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts
Piotr Najsztub – how to recognize him? By his sharp tongue and remarkable way of leading conversations. This year’s host of AMBA is an undisputed champion in carrying out interviews. A creative director in Edipresse Polska Publishing House and TV and radio reporter, Najsztub also worked as the editor-in-chief of the “Przekrój” weekly, and in the 90’s he used to work for Gazeta Wyborcza. His TV career entails working for TVP and Polsat, where he hosted the “Tok Szok” feature program along with Jacek Żakowski, and TVN, which broadcast his own original program “Najsztub pyta”. Enthusiast for good cuisine, restaurateur.

Lech Wałęsa – this personage needs no introduction. The legendary leader of the “Solidarność” movement, the signatory of the Gdańsk Agreement 1980, the initiator of the Polish Round Table Talks and sociopolitical changes in Poland in 1989. The first President of Poland chosen in a free election after 1989, and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Lech Wałęsa is one of the most eminent Poles of the 20th and 21st centuries. This distinguished guest will be the number one person in the celebration of the year 89’ at the 15th Przystanek Woodstock Festival.

Tadeusz Mazowiecki – A brillant politician and statesman. On 24 August 1989, he became the first prime minister of the sovereign Poland. As one of the leaders of “Solidarność”, Tadeusz Mazowiecki has taken part in the Round Table Talks. Later, in the 1990’s, he has co-created the Unia Demokratczna Party, and has become its president. Later, Tadeusz Maozwiecki has been the president of the Unia Wolności Party. In the years 1992-1995, he has held the position of special envoy of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to former Yugoslavia.

Dr. Janusz Kochanowski has been working as the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection of the Republic of Poland since 2006. Thanks to his interventions in the last couple of years many Polish citizens have had the chance to realize that the law is on their side. He does not stand on the sidelines, he does not work from behind his desk. If there is any signal that a citizen is being denied his or her rights, Mr. Kochanowski steps into action. He acts quickly and firmly. Is that always right? Should he intervene in all of these cases? Does he allow emotions affect him in his work? You will be able to ask all these questions in the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts, which invited the Polish Ombudsman to be our guest.

Some of the interventions by the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection of the Republic of Poland:
•    The intervention with the President of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin connected with Wojciech Cejrowski’s lecture titled “What’s with the obscuration, that is Poland according to Cejrowski” during which Mr. Cejrowski allegedly made statements, which were insulting to homosexuals. The intervention took place on April 17th 2009.
•    The intervention in the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education connected with the State Accreditation Committee’s inspection at the Jagiellonian University. The inspection was due to methodological improprieties in the procedure of preparing, reviewing, and defense of Paweł Zyzak’s master’s thesis and took place on April 3rd 2009.
•    The appeal to the Chairman of the State Accreditation Committee to ensure that the blind and visually impaired have the opportunity to cast their votes in the upcoming EP elections. Intervention took place on March 12th 2009.
•    The intervention in the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education concerning the scholarships for students who are in difficult financial situation on March 12th 2009.
•    The appeal to the Ministry of the Environment to clarify the reasons for dissolving the agreement between the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the Lux Veritatis Foundation, as well as to clarify the procedures that have been followed. The agreement concerned the funding of the Foundation’s undertaking to bore out a research well in Toruń. Mr. Kochanowski appealed on March 6th 2009.
•    The support for the “Nigdy Więcej” (“Never Again”) Association concerning the actions aimed at eliminating any manifestation of racism, intolerance and discrimination. This intervention was due to sports events that were held at the time and took place on March 5th 2009.
•    The intervention with the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration concerning the difficulties that the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was met with when it organized the public money collections. The date: January 9th 2009.

Stanisław Tym. In the 50’s Stanisław Tym studied in Warsaw: chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology, processing industry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, as well as in the Faculty of Acting in the Academy for the Dramatic Arts. During his studies Stanisław Tym wrote cabaret scripts and himself played in student cabaret acts. He also worked as a bouncer and cloakroom attendant in the Stodoła club. Between the years 1960 and 1972 Stanisław Tym worked as an actor, writer and director in the Warsaw STS Theater as well as worked in the “Owca” cabaret group. In the years 1984-1985 he worked as the director of the Dramatic Theather in Elbląg. He is also the author of the scripts for numerous great movies, such as “Brunet wieczorową porą”, “Co mi zrobisz jak mnie złapiesz”, “Miś”, “Rozmowy kontrolowane”, or “Ryś’. Tym is a brilliant actor whose unforgettable roles became a true legend of Polish cinematography.

Michael Lang –  the man who originated, created and organized the legendary American Woodstock Festival in 1969. A music producer, manager, concert organizer, and owner of the Just Sunshine Records – a record company that has published albums of artist such as Bill Joel or Betty Davis. Michael also co-created the albums by Joe Cocker, Rickie Lee Jones, Willy DeVille, and many others.

Bohdan Łazuka – A Polish film and theater actor, a singer. Bohdan Łazuka is one of the best known and most popular figures in the history of the Polish cinematography. In 1961, he graduated from the Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw. His work was concentrated around the Syrena Theater in Warsaw. Bohdan Łazuka specializes in comic characters; he has performed in the Szpak cabaret and in the Kabaret Starszych Panów cabaret.

Leszek Możdżer – One of the most outstanding Polish jazz musicians, a world-famous pianist, a bold explorer, an original artist with his own musical language of expression. Born on March 23, 1971 in Gdańsk, Leszek Możdżer started his piano lessons with 5. After successfully completing all stages of musical education in 1996, he received the diploma of the Gdańsk Music Academy. His interest for jazz became visible already in the final class of his secondary school. Leszek Możdżer gained his first experiences in the clarinetist Emil Kowalski’s group, and his first rehearsal with the “Miłość” band took place at the day of his 20th birthday. In 1993, he received an individual honorable distinction in the Jazz Juniors contest. Ever since securing the first place in the International Jazz Improvisation Contest in Katowice a year later, Leszek Możdżer has been winning all annual polls among the readers of “Jazz Forum” in the piano category (every year between 1994 and 2007). Besides, he has been given the tile of “The Musician of the Year” two times in 1995 and 1996. In 1998, he was awarded the Fryderyk prize, and in 2007 the prize for promoting Polish culture abroad by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The AMBA workshops

This year’s workshops will be hosted by:

Leszek Cichoński – guitar
A guitar workshop awaits you in AMBA every year. This time, the course will be run by Leszek Cichoński, an indisputable guitar record holder! And we mean this literally, because he is the person who year by year tries to beat the Guinness Record for the number of guitarists playing the same song simultaneously. Leszek Cichoński organizes the event in Wrocław, and the song they play is Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe”. At Woodstock, Leszek will show you the arcane of playing guitar, but he will also form a Woodstockian rock group, which – after a few days of training – is going to make a performance on the stage. Anyone has the chance to be a part of it!!!

Dariusz Miliński – fine arts
A fine artist, Dariusz Miliński was born in 1957 in Cieplice.  In 1980, his qualifications have been recognized by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Dariusz Miliński has taken part in 50 individual and more than 60 joined exhibitions in Poland, Germany, France and the US, as well as in about a dozen artistic happenings and open airs. He has received many prizes and is the founder of the “Pławna 9” artistic group. A tireless animateur of culture, his works can be found in private and public collections in Poland and abroad.

Darek Miliński wants to ask the Woodstockians to help him create the Woodstock banners, which should reflect both the general idea of the festival and each of their maker’s individual personality… In the process of creating the banners, the artist will support his “craftspeople” with ideas, teach them and correct their work, as well as talk about the art of painting, the life of artists and the challenges they have to face in the modern world…

Kasia and Andrzej Czerniec – art ceramics
At their art ceramics stand with a kiln for firing clay, Kasia and Andrzej Czerniec will run their workshops from Wednesday to Saturday. Everybody will have the chance to try their hand in this difficult art, creating sculptures and earthenware, which later will be displayed in an open-air exhibition, which of course also will be organized by the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts.

The „Morning Yoga” series; yoga workshops by the „Art of Living” Foundation

We are coming back to the tradition of the “Morning Yoga” sessions in the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts. From Friday until Sunday, at 8:00 AM there will be a yoga class organized by one of the most prize-winning organizations in the world, the “Art of Living Polska” Foundation.

“Art of Living Polska” is one of the many branches of “International Art of Living Foundation”, an NGO whose aim is to propagate human values. Having existed for 25 years, AoL has been active in 145 countries, and its founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Time four times already.

Eliminating the effects of stress and improving the quality of living and health – these are the Foundation’s main aims. In their educational programs based mainly on the Suarshan Kriya technique, they give people the tools for self-development, improving mood and interpersonal communication. One of AoL’s most significant achievements both in Poland and abroad are rehabilitation programs for prisoners.

Next year, the “Art of Living Foundation Polska” will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their presence in Poland.

“Frikolekcje” free guitar workshops

Once again, the KISIELEWSKI company will put the „Frikolekcje” tent on the AMBA hill. From Friday until Sunday, anyone will have the chance to try their hand at playing a T. Burton acoustic guitar, and what is most important, anyone will be able to take part in the free guitar lessons given by virtuosos of the finger style technique: Robert Kordylewski and Piotr Restecki. “Frikolekcje” will take place every day at 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM.

Our maestros are also going to run finger style workshops in the Great Yurt. They will fundamentally and irreversibly change your ideas about what and how can be played on a acoustic guitar.

Classic by night – “The Merry Widow”

After the huge success of last year’s „Kiepura” project by the “Operetka” Masovian Musical Theater, we would like to invite you to see “The Merry Widow” operetta. 106 artist are engaged in this huge-scale project! The spectacle will take place in the AMBA tent on Saturday night, and it will start as soon as the concerts at the big stage end.

Special lighting setting has been prepared for the show. Among artists, who are going to perform, there will be Bohdan Łazuka and Krzysztof Tyniec. It will be an unprecedented event because no other festival organizer has ever before attempted to organize something this incredible. We are hoping to see many of you there! And since we clearly remember how great the last year’s concert, which included  just 6  “Operetka” MMT artists, was, nobody has any doubts that also this time it is going to be success. The “Classic by night” series might become another fantastic tradition of the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts meetings.

“The Merry Widow” project’s patron and main sponsor is the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone. – the Commissioner’s for Civil Rights Protection portal

We would like to invite you to take part in a completely new project organized in the Academy of the Most Beautiful Arts. In a special tent, there will be a group of 50 people from the office of the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection awaiting you. Why? They will show you a new educational project, which was initiated in June 2009 along with the opening of the service. The website’s aim is to introduce the legal and formal fundaments of contemporary civic society. The law affects all of us; everyone comes into contact with it, and even if we do not realize it, every aspect of our lives from the very moment of our birth is influenced by the Polish constitution, the legislation and legal practices.

The project will be carried out by officials whose usual job is to intervene in the problems reported to the Ombudsman’s office, as well as by lawyers – in a word, by specialists ready to teach young Poles the basics of the interpretation of law that influences their lives.

A special program will be awaiting you in the Commissioner’s for Civil Rights Protection tent. It will all start on Friday, July 31, about 11:00 AM. This first day will be devoted to you – the specialists from the Ombudsman’s office will be giving counsel and answering your questions until 4:00 PM, that is until the beginning of the concerts.

Saturday will be the day of On that day the Woodstockians will have the chance to listen to advice concerning the most frequent problems reported on the website. This will also be the day of the Ombudsman’s AMBA meeting. At 5:00 PM, we will commemorate the heroism of the members of Warsaw Uprising in their struggle for freedom.

Sunday will be Blogger Day. The bloggers from Salon24 will run whole-day workshops on blogging. At 12:00 PM, you will also be able to take part in discussion about the freedom of speech on the Internet with some bloggers. It is also on Sunday that we will announce the winners of the contest: “What does freedom mean to me? What are the limits of freedom?”.

The following projects will be running on all three days between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM (possibly longer) in the Commissioner’s tent:
•    The service will be promoted;
•    There will be meetings with the Commissioner’s Office specialists – you will be able to lodge a complaint to the Ombudsman, get legal counsel or talk to lawyers about some particular law trapdoors;
•    There will be educational workshops, which have been designed according to the pattern: “THE LAW – ME: my emotions, rights and obligations”. The subjects raised in the workshops will concentrate on the questions of civil law, criminal law, executive criminal law and administrative law on minor offences, and problems known to many of you;
•    The Polish Mediation Center will run workshops on mediation and conflict solving as well as simulations of mediations – conflicts, mediations, negotiations and “quarrelsomeness” tests;
•    There will be individual meetings with the mediators form the Polish Mediation Center with whom you will be able to discuss your problems, including those not connected to law.
•    There will be workshops on blogging on the freedom of speech on the Internet run by

(Source: 08/2009 – Przystanek Woodstock)

Anuradha Pal (Tabla) & Recharge (World Fusion) @ Przystanek Woodstock 2008

Jurek Owsiak invites you to the 15th Przystanek Woodstock Festival!

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