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Archive for February 9th, 2009

Musicians to form online forum to address copyright issues

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on February 9, 2009

PUNE: At the seminar on intellectual property rights at music expo Baajaa Gaajaa in Pune over the weekend, classical vocalist Shubha Mudgal suggested a separate regulatory body for independent artistes,”Why can’t we have an independent body like the PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd.) and IPRS (Indian Performing Right Society Limited) only meant for independent artistes?” Mudgal questioned.

With respect to the present law, Professor TN Daruwala answered, “You can’t have a collective society – IPRS is that soceity.”

On being asked by why she wanted a separate body, Mudgal said, “We have the right, right?. Since, we know what an independent artistes needs are, why not have a society which will only focus on their needs. She clarified, “At this stage, it’s an idea, but of-course, I will be consulting the legal experts and lawyers to see how this can be done.”

Mudgal added, “We are not here to compete with the popular labels, actually we are no competition.”

When asked about what she thought of PPL and IPRS functioning, Mudgal said, “I am myself a member of IPRS, its not that I am against PPL or IPRS, however, on many occasions I have mailed them asking for help but in spite of the repeated mailing, I am still awaiting a reply.”

Advocate Chander Lall

Expressing his full support, advocate Chander Lall, who in the past has fought several cases for prominent music personalities said, “I think it’s the need of the hour and I am willing to help, give my time in whatever way I can.”

Currently, when independent artistes and labels are growing, the need to understand the nitty gritties of laws pertaining to the field is of prime importance. However, at the same time they don’t have enough economic backing to hire lawyers who will fight for them in case such a situation arises, experts attending the expo concurred.

As a concrete step, now the independent labels and artistes would be having an online forum where their questions and doubts regarding the copyright issues will be answered by advocate Chander Lall.

While most topics discussed at the seminars never reach a conclusion, at Baajaa Gaaja, the issues raised where noted, openly discussed and are likely to be acted on considering the strength, the zest to grow and the common belief among the independent labels in the ultimate binding factor – music!

(Source: 09 Feb 09 (10:45 IST) | – News | Chirag Sutar)

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