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Unity In Diversity… Interviews from Middle East and South Asia (globaloneness, Sept 2008)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on September 29, 2008

(Extract | News 29th September 2008 |

New Interviews from the Middle East and South Asia

Unity In Diversity

A View from India
Filmed last year on our trip to India, our interview with Arabinda Basu, a philosopher and scholar of the yoga of Sri Aurobindo, has recently been added to our online video library. In this interview, Basu describes the subtle but dynamic relationship between the inner consciousness of unity and the outer diversity of life.

New Living Library DVD Gets Subtitles… Unidad – Einheit – Unité – Oneness
Spreading New Ways of Thinking and Living Has Just Gotten Easier

We’re pleased to announce that our latest reprint of the Global Oneness Project: Living Library (Vol. 1) now includes subtitles in Spanish, German and French. Gather a dozen or more people – friends, neighbors, students – and share these films in your living room, classroom or community meeting place. Then, be sure to pass the DVD along to someone else who wants to share it too.

(Source: 09/29/2008 – Global Oneness Project : P.O. Box 151020 : San Rafael, CA 94915 :

Books of Arabinda Basu… (not complete)

Short films of Arabinda Basu… (not complete)

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