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Archive for June 20th, 2008

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: An open letter (from Germany) to the Prime Minister of India

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on June 20, 2008

Subhas Chandra Bose as the leader of INA. (Source:

Subhas Chandra Bose as the leader of INA. (Source:

June 20, 2008 by vinayras

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
Room No 152
South Block
New Delhi 110001

Dear Prime Minister,

After years of waiting, we the people of India, the diaspora and friends of India have finally come to know the results of the extensive investigations undertaken by the Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry (JMCI) set up by the Government of India in 1999 to probe the disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Justice Mukherjee had assumed this onerous task following the direction of the Calcutta High Court to “launch a vigorous inquiry as a special case for the purpose of giving an end to the controversy.”

The most significant finding of Justice Mukherjee\\’s Report is the fact that Netaji Subhas did not die in any air crash in Taiwan on 18 August 1945. The Report clearly states “He did not die in the plane crash as alleged,” and that “The ashes in the Japanese temple are not of Netaji.”

Thus, it is now even more urgent to pursue sources and leads other than those around the so-called, and now the exploded myth of the air crash story. In today\\’s world of global support for democracy and human rights, in which the right to freedom of information is paramount, there can be no arguments against the search for what happened to a great son of India and a leader of Asia far ahead of his time.

Mr Prime Minister Sir, we are dismayed at the rejection of the JMCI Report by your Government without giving any reasons for doing so. We would like to bring to your attention that we, representing a large section of Indians in India and across the world, do not agree with your Government\\’s stand. We believe that the findings of the Commission have presented us with a golden opportunity to investigate Netaji\\’s fate with more vigour. We must have a full and open debate on the findings and conclusions of the JMCI Report both within and outside of the Indian Parliament. The people of India cannot be denied access to government held information which fundamentally concern them and affect their destiny.

At the same time, we urge you to take appropriate steps as Prime Minister of India to access relevant information which may be available with the Governments of Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. We shall not cease to follow all channels available to us to uncover what really happened to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. We owe it to him and to posterity.

We sincerely hope that you will give us the lead and your support in our endeavour.

Yours sincerely,

· Anuj Dhar, Sayantan Dasgupta, Chandrachur Ghose and 2190 members of Mission Netaji, 263, Kangra Niketan, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018
· Captain S S Yadav and 3500 members of All India INA Committee, GF-2, Mohan Place, Saraswati Vihar, New Delhi – 110034
· Shri Vishwa Bandhu Tiwari and 3000 members of Azad Hind Sangh; 289/242 Tiwari Nagar, Lucknow

· Netaji Study Circle
Radha Nivas, P.S.Nagar,
Nedumangadu, Thiruvananthapuram
Patron-Thalekunnil Basheer (Ex-MP)
President-K.P.Madhavan (Ex.I.N.A)
Gen Secretary-Adv: P Jayapalan Thampi
Ex: Com Member: Lt A.N. Sivanandan (INA)
also President of now defunt Kerala Ex-I.N.A Association, total membership-165

· The German-Indian Association ( Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft ). Established by Netaji in 1942 on the 11th of September in Hamburg at Hotel Atlantic.

· Sibabrata Roy, President, German-Indian Association, Hamburg
· Dr. N. de Pale´zieux, Vice President, German-Indian Association, Hamburg
· Sourendra N. Ghosh, Treasurer, German-Indian Association, Hamburg
· Mrs. Subhra Bhattarcharya, German-Indian Association, Hannover
· Arjun D. Narang, President, German-Indian Association, Kassel
· Barendra K. Mullick, President, German-Indian Association, Wuppertal
· D.N. Gupta, Ex President, German-Indian Association, Essen
· Keval Seth, Businessman, Hamburg
· Purnima Seth, Hamburg
· Y.P.Mehra, Businessman, Hamburg
· Mrs. Ingrid Meyer-Schroeder, Social Worker, Hamburg
· Dipankar Sinha-Roy, Businessman, Hamburg
· Mrs. Anneliese Smigilski, Business-Secretary, Hamburg
· Dr. Fabian Blaschke, Physician, Hamburg
· Dr. Ali Ashraff, Economist, Hamburg
· Dr. Mrs. Dorit Schepke, Physician, Hamburg
· Mahaddin Stripp-Syed, Technician, Hamburg
· Vidyasagar Bahutule, Businessman, Hamburg
· Mrs. Sibylle Schaefer-Wolter, Lawyer, Hamburg
· Sunder Gupta, Hamburg
· Soumabrata Roy, IT-Specialist, Hamburg
· Subhas Das, Businessman, Hamburg
· Charanjit Singh, Technician, Hamburg
· Mrs. Verena v. Busch, Engineer, Kiel
· Mrs. Barbara Meister, Social worker, Luebeck
· K.K.Loganey, Businessman, Hamburg
· Purnendu Das, Hamburg
· P. Bapat, Professor, Konstanz
· Dr. Hem Chandra Jha, Chemist, Bonn
· Dr. Balbir Goel, Teacher, Karlsruhe
· Dr. J. Oesterheld, Professor, Berlin
· Dr. Guenther, Professor, Berlin
· Dr. Sunil Sengupta, President, Tagore-Einstein Council, Berlin
· Mrs. Navina Sundaram, Journalist, Hamburg
· Dr Aditya Ranjan Das, California, USA
· Professor Ananda L. Roy, MA, USA
· Sreemoti Mukherjee-Roy, MA, USA
· Pallavi Merchant, Fort Wayne, USA
· Suhas Khale, London, UK

Family and Relatives of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

· Lalita Bose, sister-in-law of Netaji, Kolkata
· Mira Ray, daughter of Sarat Chandra Bose, Kolkata
· Geeta Biswas, daughter of Sarat Chandra Bose, Kolkata
· Chitra Ghosh, daughter of Sarat Chandra Bose, Kolkata
· Jyotsna Bose, wife of Amiya Nath Bose, Kolkata
· Subroto Bose, MP, nephew of Subhas Chandra Bose, Kolkata
· Nandita Bose, wife of Subroto Bose, Kolkata
· Dwarka Nath Bose, Kolkata
· Nita Ghose, Kolkata
· Abhijit Ray, Kolkata
· Bani Ray, Kolkata
· Jayanti Rakshit, Kolkata
· Amiya Rakshit, Kolkata
· Arya Bose, Kolkata
· Sreela Bose, Kolkata
· Surya Kumar Bose, Hamburg, Germany
· Mukul Bose, Hamburg, Germany
· Madhuri Bose, New York, USA
· Maxwell J. Gaylard, New York, USA
· Chandra Kumar Bose, Kolkata
· Usha Menon-Bose, Kolkata
· Brinda Bose, New Delhi
· Kinsuk Mitra, New Delhi
· Sreeya Ghosh, Leeds, UK
· Saibal Ghosh, Leeds, UK
· Raja Ray, Kolkata
· Pallabi Ray, Kolkata
· Badshah Ray, New Delhi
· Sujoya Biswas, Kolkata
· Gaurav Biswas, Kolkata

Mrs Chabi Basu, Feminist writer, Kolkata
Professor Pinak Chakrabarti, Bose Institute, Kolkata
Dr Sarmistha Chakrabarti, Calcutta University, Kolkata
Tutul Gupta, Teacher, Kolkata
SV Raman, Programme Officer, Max Mueller Bhawan, Kolkata
Krishno Dey, Senior Development Consultant, Kolkata
Rajesh Mehta, Foods Consultant, Kolkata
Mr. Rai Singh, a former Director of the erstwhile Information Service of India, New Delhi
Mr. Biplob Dasgupta, Calcutta University, Kolkata
Mr. Alok Dasgupta, Calcutta University, Kolkata
Mr. Debojyoti Sengupta, Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata
Mr. Vinod Tuli, Retd. Assistant Director (Superintendent of Police) in the Bureau of Police Research & Development
Mr. Himadri Dasgupta, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi
Mr. V.P.Saini, Chandigarh, Punjab
Mr. Pran Malhotra, Journalist, Punjab
Retd.Subadar.Paroshotam Dev Sofat, EME, Punjab
Mr. S.D.Prashar, Retd. PNBank officer, Punjab
Mr. Harbans Lal Sharma, Retd. Home Guard, Punjab
Mrs. Kiran Dasgupta, Working professional, New Delhi
Mr. Rajashri Dasgupta, Teacher, Kolkata
Mr. Manish Dasgupta, Working Professional, Kolkata
Mr. Arup Dasgupta, Banking Officer, Kolkata
Mr. Dhruvajyoti Sengupta, Actor, Kolkata
Mr. Turban Bose, Software Professional, Kolkata
Mr. Saptarshi Dasgupta, Software Professional, USA
Mrs. Banani Bose, Banking Officer, Kolkata
Mr. Tapas Bose, Govt. Employee, Kolkata
Mr. Argha Basu, Working Professional, Kolkata
Mr. Saikat Mukherjee, Working Professional, Kolkata
Mr. Amit Sen, Businessman, Kolkata
Mr. Ashok Tandon, Journalist, Faizabad
Mr. Bannerjee, Faizabad
Mr.Yogesh Saxena, Businessman, Muradabad
Dr Aditya Ranjan Das, California, USA
Professor Ananda L. Roy, MA, USA
Sreemoti Mukherjee-Roy, MA, USA
Pallavi Merchant, Fort Wayne, USA
Suhas Khale, London, UK
Sibabrato Roy, President, Indo-German Society, Hamburg
V.K.Padmaraj, Government officer, Mavelikara, Kerala
Sen Joseph M, Teacher, Mavelikara, Kerala
Dr. Saiful Islam, Mavelikara, Kerala
Shyamkumar.M.A, Mavelikara, Kerala
P.N.Jamaludeen, Mavelikara, Kerala
Jacob Chandy, Mavelikara, Kerala
Abhilash Kumar G, Mavelikara, Kerala
Santhosh John , Mavelikara, Kerala
Suresh John , Mavelikara, Kerala
George Mathew, Mavelikara, Kerala
M.S.Sajidev, Mavelikara, Kerala
Prof John M. Itty, Mavelikara, Kerala
Sajish Kumar, Mavelikara, Kerala
Mukundan Nair G, Mavelikara, Kerala
P.N.Vijaya Mohanan, Mavelikara, Kerala
Jacob M, Mavelikara, Kerala
P Abraham, Mavelikara, Kerala
Sachen Samuel (US Citizen of Indian origin)
810,Edgemere Road, Buffalo Grove
Illinois, USA-60089
Michael J Kuruvilla (US Citizen of Indian origin)
Somarajan A.S.
Ayyanattu house, Bhudanoor east
Alappuzha, Kerala
Creative constructions
Mavelikara, Kerala
21st Century packs
Mavelikara, Kerala
Creative constructions
Mavelikara, Kerala
(From Mavelikara and Alappuzha, Kerala)
Pradeep C Nedumon
Sub Editor, Mangalam daily
Mavelikkara, Kerala

(Source: 06/20/2008 – Mission Netaji)

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