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Hindu New Year – 6th April 2008…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on April 6, 2008

The birth of a New Year is a whole new beginning and marks the time when the world awakens from it’s wintry slumber. So almost all the Hindu New Year festivals fall on the beginning of the spring months when nature turns bountiful and blesses the earth with fruitful greenery.

The beautiful flowers that bloom in spring, the early bird songs, the fresh harvests which are the fruits of past labour and the commencement of a new agricultural cycle . All these symbolise the dawn of another year. Thus, every colourful spring festival of the hindus, with all the expectations, apprehensions, hope and joy woven in the festivities, is essentially a New Year celebration.

About Hindu New Year

Some sources point out that the 14th of April this year stands for the Hindu New Year. There are diverse opinions about the New Year in a country like India, where the Hindu culture itself is rich and variegated. The Hindus in the different parts of the country celebrate their New Year at least four different times in a year. The Malayalees of the Indian subcontinent celebrate Vishu, their spring festival on the 14th of April as do the people from the state of Tamil Nadu where, the new year begins the same day.

New Year is celebrated by Hindus, in other parts of India, in the form of various springtime festivals like the festival of Baisakhi, which among other things, also marks the beginning of a New Year in Punjab. In Maharashtra, the festival of Gudi Padva which usually falls on the month of March or April. This year the Gudi Padva falls on the 19th of March. The natives of Andhra Pradesh celebrate the festival of Ugadi on the same day. The Kashmiri Hindus celebrate their New Year during the festival of Navreh in the spring season, which starts on the 10th of April this year. The Bengalis of West Bengal celebrate Naba Barsha on the on the 14th of April this year, those from Bangladesh call it the Poila.

Hindu Calendar 2008…


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