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Archive for January, 2008

26th Jan: Indian Republic Day…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 26, 2008

Indian Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the country and especially in capital city, New Delhi…

26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. In this day India became a totally republican unit. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country. So, the 26th of January was decreed a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the Republic Day of India, ever since.

Republic Day of India (1) Republic Day of India (2)

Today, the Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the country and especially in the capital, New Delhi where the celebrations start with the Presidential to the nation. The beginning of the occasion is always a solemn reminder of the sacrifice of the martyrs who died for the country in the freedom movement and the succeeding wars for the defense of sovereignty of their country. Then, the President comes forward to award the medals of bravery to the people from the armed forces for their exceptional courage in the field and also the civilians, who have distinguished themselves by their different acts of valour in different situations.

To mark the importance of this occasion, every year a grand parade is held in the capital, from the Rajghat, along the Vijaypath. The different regiments of the army, the Navy and the Air force march past in all their finery and official decorations even the horses of the cavalry are attractively caparisoned to suit the occasion. The crème of N.C.C cadets, selected from all over the country consider it an honour to participate in this event, as do the school children from various schools in the capital. They spend many days preparing for the event and no expense is spared to see that every detail is taken care of, from their practice for the drills, the essential props and their uniforms.

The parade is followed by a pageant of spectacular displays from the different states of the country. These moving exhibits depict scenes of activities of people in those states and the music and songs of that particular state accompany each display. Each display brings out the diversity and richness of the culture of India and the whole show lends a festive air to the occasion. The parade and the ensuing pageantry is telecast by the National Television and is watched by millions of viewers in every corner of the country.

The patriotic fervor of the people on this day brings the whole country together even in her essential diversity. Every part of the country is represented in occasion, which makes the Republic Day the most popular of all the national holidays of India.

(Source: 01/14/20008 –

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New Website: Musicians who care… (01/03/2008)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 3, 2008


New website helps link volunteer musicians and composers with hospitals and care facilities seeking music


LOS ANGELES — Global Media Development Group has announced the launch of, a new website designed to bring together care facilities and musicians interested in volunteering at hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities seeking music to benefit their patients.

The new site offers both musician and care facility listings and searches worldwide at no cost, plus extensive search services including US zip code searches, searches based on musical styles and more. Composers are also invited to sign up to provide CDs of their music to care facilities.

Musicians interested in performing at care facilities can list their availability, musical styles and more to create musician listings. Care facilities including nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, post-operative recovery centers, hospices and other facilities can search for musicians and can create listings that describe the musical services they feel would best benefit their patients, clients and residents.

Global Media Development Group president Mark Northam said, “We’re very excited to help create opportunities and facilitate musicians and care facilities getting together to provide music for those who need it the most. Music can be incredibly therapeutic, and the unique ability of talented, creative musicians and composers to create positive energy and help people through challenging times is something I believe care facilities and musicians will mutually benefit from. is available immediately for both musicians and care facilities to search and list their services. For more information, visit

(Source: 01/03/2008 – Global Media Development Group, Inc. | News from Film Music World)

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Moderation Script (01/2008): JalTarang – Waves of Sound (Raga CDs of the Months)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 1, 2008


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Explore & Learn @ The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 1, 2008

The Music of India | The Music of Turkey

The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall, which creates broad-reaching music education programs, is playing a central role in Carnegie Hall’s commitment to making great music accessible to as many people as possible through creative musical interaction and inspiring lifelong learning-Music for Everyone.

Citi Global Encounters 2008-09 integrates the study of world music into social studies, English, and music classrooms. Throughout the spring semester, students and teachers explore the music and culture of the chosen focus country through sequential lessons, Professional Development Workshops, classroom visits by a world music performer, and a final interactive concert in Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall.

The 2008-09 program offers the opportunity to choose between a program focused on the Music of India and a program focused on the Music of Turkey.

GO DEEPER: Connect your classroom with participants around the world via an online community and two videoconferenced concerts in the yearlong Cultural Exchange Program.

Citi Global Encounters: Music of India

The 2008-09 program, which includes all of the features described here, explores wide-ranging musical styles and cultures from the Northern Indian Hindustani region. Students and Teachers study improvisation, rhythmic and harmonic modes, musical texts, traditional forms and recent innovations.

Professional Development Workshops

(Choose one.)
Thurs, Mar 5, 2009, 4 PM
Sat, Mar 7, 2009, 10 AM

(Choose one.)
Thurs, May 14, 2009, 10:15 AM
Thurs, May 14, 2009, 12:15 PM

Full Program and Fee Details here | Registration Form (PDF Download)

Teachers involved in the program can also apply for in-depth musical investigations facilitated by Weill Music Institute Teaching Artists. This feature, new in the 2008–09 program, gives teachers an option to take their study of world music to a deeper level.

Program Fees

Students: $6 each
Teachers: $25 each

Optional Teaching Artist Add-On: $50 per classroom

One adult chaperone per 10 children is required at each concert. Chaperones attend the concerts free of charge.

How to Register

Please fill out and submit The Weill Music Institute registration form (PDF 140kb).

Carnegie Hall
Attn: Global Encounters
881 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10019

Fax: 212-307-5766


For more information or to receive a brochure in the mail, e-mail or call The Weill Music Institute at 212-903-9625.

(Source: Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall |

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About the European Year 2008 of Intercultural Dialogue…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 1, 2008

Europe is becoming more culturally diverse. The enlargement of the European Union, deregulation of employment laws and globalisation have increased the multicultural character of many countries, adding to the number of languages, religions, ethnic  and cultural backgrounds found on the continent. As a result, intercultural dialogue has an increasingly important role to play in fostering European identity and citizenship.

European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (EYID) 2008

European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (EYID) 2008

The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (EYID) 2008 recognises that Europe’s great cultural diversity represents a unique advantage. It will encourage all those living in Europe to explore the benefits of our rich cultural heritage and opportunities to learn from different cultural traditions.

The Year will feature a small number of flagship projects on a European level, as well as EU support for a national project in each Member State, and a Partner programme aimed at mobilising civil society. The active involvement of civil society will be essential in highlighting good practices and identifying needs in intercultural dialogue. Well-known ambassadors have also been appointed to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of intercultural dialogue.

The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008) was established by Decision N° 1983/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. (18 December 2006).


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Hindu Calendar 2008…

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on January 1, 2008

Hindu Calendar

There are two main theories governing the Hindu Calendar, these two theories have come up with two entirely different calendars. The other calendars are the Lunar Calendar Solar Calendar Kaliyuga Era Kollam Era Bengali San.

According to the Hindu Saka Calendar, we enter 1922 this year. This calendar was developed during the Saka Era in 78 AD. The Saka calendar which is based on the Hindu Astronomy of the holy Vedas is a lunar calendar unlike the Gregorian Solar Calendar. And a section of Hindus in India and Indonesia follow it even today. Indian National Calendar follows the Saka System.

Hindu Calendar 2008

Jan. 1……New Year
Jan. 5……Chellam
Jan. 9……Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas
Jan.14……Makar Sankranti, Pongal
Jan.23……Subhash C. Bose Jayanti
Jan.24……Guru Govind Singh Jayanti
Jan.26……Republic Day
Jan.29……Swami Vivekanand Jayanti
Feb.11……Basant Panchami
Feb.21……Guru Ravidas Jayanti
Mar. 1……Guru Ramdas Jayanti
Mar. 2……Swami Dayanand Jayanti
Mar. 6……Maha Shivratri
Mar. 21…..Millad-ul-nabi
Mar. 21…..Holi, Good Friday
Mar. 22…..Dulhandi (Rangwali Holi)
Apr. 6……Bikrami Samvat (Hindu New Year)
Apr. 6……Gudi Padwa
Apr. 7……Hindu New Year
Apr.13……Durga Ashtami
Apr.14……Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti
Apr.18……Mahavir Jayanti
Apr.19……Hanuman Jayanti
Apr.25……Guru Tegh Bahadur Jayanti
Apr.27……Guru Arjun Dev Jayanti
May 1…….May Day
May 6…….Guru AngaDev Jayanti
May 7…….Bhagwan Parshuram Jayanti
May 7…….Chatrapati Shivaji Jayanti
May 8…….Akshaya Tritiya
May 9…….Sri Madhwasankara Jayanti
May 19-20…Budh Poornima
Jun.13……Ganga Dussehra
Jun.18……Kabir Das Jayanti
Jul.16……Rath Yatra
Jul.18……Guru Poornima
Jul.30……Shravan Shivratri
Aug. 1……Aadi Amavasai
Aug. 2……Aadi Peruka
Aug. 4……Aadi Pooran
Aug. 8……Tulsidas Jayanti
Aug.15……Independence Day
Aug.16……Raksha Bandhan
Aug.23……Krishna Jayanti/ Gokulashtami
Aug.24……Sri Krishna Janamashtami
Sep. 2……Ramadan Starts
Sep. 3……Vinayaga Chaturthi
Sep. 5……Teachers Day
Sep.30……Navaratri festival Begins
Oct. 2……Gandhi Jayanti / Shastri Jayanti
Oct. 2……Id-ul-fitar-Ramadan Ends
Oct. 7……Durga Ashtami
Oct. 8……Mahanaomi
Oct. 8……Saraswati Puja/ Ayudha puja
Oct. 9……Dussehra
Oct.14……Balmiki Jayanti
Oct.17……Karwa Chauth
Oct.21……Ahoi Ashtami
Oct.26……Dhan Teras
Oct.29……Goverdhan pooja
Oct.30……Bhai Dhooj
Nov. 3……Guru Gobind Singh Balidaan Diwas
Nov.13……Guru Nanak Birthday
Nov.14……Children’s Day
Dec. 3……Guru Teg Bahadur balidan Diwas
Dec. 9……Id-ul-zuha

(Source: | Hindu Calendar)

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