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New Platform for Musicians – MY MUSIC Celebrates Premiere

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on September 11, 2007

MY MUSIC Premiere Oct. 2007 in Friedrichshafen

New music trade show is an innovative platform for musicians – Eight halls booked – Concerts and conferences, workshops and contests – Over than 2000 performing musicians – Approximately 200 exhibitors expected

Madonna’s guitar maker will be attending the premiere of the MY MUSIC trade show at the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen, from 11 to 14 October 2007. Madonna’s musicians buy their instruments from US company Breedlove, which builds exclusive custom guitars. Preparations for the MY MUSIC premiere are in full swing. 180 exhibitors from 10 countries have confirmed their participation. Show management expects a total of more than 200 exhibitors at the premiere of this important music industry event.

“The interest of the music industry in this event has been especially positive”, say trade show organizers Roland Bosch, Business Development, and Project Manager Annika Raff. “MY MUSIC has a highly innovative concept – this exciting new event offers industry figures and musicians a new place to meet.”

The concept promises numerous highlights including “Shop 2010”, the “Guitar of the Year”, “Early Instruments”, a “Vintage Synthesizer Exhibition”, “MY POP”, and a large exhibition by star photographer Brian Rasic. On top of this, there will be a non-stop concert program on six stages, featuring a diverse range of musical styles. From classical music to jazz, pop, rock, folk and brass music – each style will be presented in an individual theme area at the music event. The program also includes conferences from the German Music Council, the Association of German Musical Societies and the National Association of German Orchestra Associations. A “Guitar University”, “Classical Forum” and “Sheet Music Stage” are also on the program.

Diverse range of products on display
At MY MUSIC visitors will discover a vast selection of bow, string, wind and percussion instruments. The expo will feature all the latest electric, acoustic and bass guitars, bow and wind instruments, keyboards, pianos, percussions and drums. Musicians will also find all the information on the latest PA, lighting, sound and studio technologies. Numerous publishers will also be on hand with a large selection of sheet music and teaching materials.

Music 24
MY MUSIC is set to dazzle the region with its live event “Music 24”. Concerts, nighttime pub music festivals and endorser shows are all on the program. To name just one event: the “Isle of Music”, in Lindau on Saturday 13 October, will be a spectacular evening with concerts in over 20 locations.

Exciting concert program
The concert program for MY MUSIC promises to be a colorful and exciting highlight. The list of scheduled shows includes a range of rock, pop, classical and brass-band concerts. Music lovers won’t want to miss a special performance of the remarkable “Missa profana” in the Friedrichshafen Palace Church. This mass by contemporary composer Professor Heinz Werner Zimmermannan is one of the greatest pieces of religious music written in the 20th century. With her exciting blend of jazz and pop, Viktoria Tolstoy will also be stopping off in Friedrichshafen on her European tour.
The Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing live to Fritz Lang’s cult film “Metropolis”. Other musical highlights at MY MUSIC include: Ernst Hutter and the Original Egerländer, the Meersburg Boys Choir, the Brass Band of the Bavarian Bereitschaftspolizei, the Bundeswehr Big Band and the Baden-Württemberg Brass Band. The concert program will close with a big rock and pop music night.

“My Band” contest
The “My Band” contest is aimed at young up-and-coming musicians under the age of 29. Finalists will perform before a jury of music agents, industry representatives and experienced concert, festival and tour organizers. The winning band will be invited to play at one of Germany’s largest open-air festivals.

“My Pop” information centre
“My Pop” is an information centre for musicians with all the latest facts on music and media. In cooperation with the music support group, MY MUSIC provides musicians and bands with all they need to know about the music business, career opportunities and future prospects.

The workshops at MY MUSIC include sessions on drums, bass, wind instruments and conducting – the program is incredibly diverse and includes something for everyone. Simple Minds drummer Mel Gaynor will be holding a drum workshop, and Professor Guggenberger’s “Basic Plus” workshop on “Breathing makes the music” is also on the program. “Bass Doctor” Roland Kaschubes’ workshop is sure to be a hit. Peter Fischer – a musician with over 800 live performances and numerous instruction books to his name- will be holding a “Rock Guitar Worksop”. Singing teacher Robin D. – “Monrose” mentor in the TV show Popstars – will be holding a vocals workshop, and “Choir singing in elementary schools” is the subject of a workshop with Friedhilde Trüün. Trüün demonstrates how teachers can develop children’s voices and deal with the “humming problem” in elementary school choirs. Her techniques turn “hummers” into little “Carusos”.

SHOP 2010
This special exhibition provides retailers with the information they need to maintain their competitive edge. Whatever the topic – shop design, product display or window decorating – retailers will get the input they need at SHOP 2010. Presentations on subjects such as “Optimizing sales”, “Creating customer loyalty”, and “Staying ahead in the Online Age” all feature in this informative program for trade visitors.

Star Photographer Brian Rasic
Brian Rasic has been one of the world’s best photographers in the rock and pop business for over 30 years. His clients include top acts such as the Rolling Stones and Depeche Mode. In this special exhibition, Rasic will present 50 of his best photographs – and all these signed and framed prints can be purchased on site. In several workshops Brian Rasic will explain how to shoot high-quality band photographs and what to look for in a good photographer.

This is where the music is!
Numerous conferences will be taking place at MY MUSIC. The Association of German Musical Societies recognizes that Friedrichshafen is “where the music is”. But the association also wants to know: “Where will music be tomorrow?” Other organizations present at MY MUSIC include: the German Music Council, the nmz Content Corner, the National Association of German Orchestra Associations and the Classical Forum of the Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium.

Musical diversity takes center stage
In addition to the shows on the large concert stage, there will be live performances daily on five additional stages. At the “Music of the Continents” theme area visitors will hear more than just Brazilian, Cuban and African sounds. Jazz, blues and a harmonica orchestra will also be part of the show. Fans of brass music will find just what they like at the Meckatzer Arena, while piano and choir performances are scheduled for the Foyer. Traditional “Lumpenkapellen” (Carnival Bands) will be playing on the “Power Stage”, and the Classical Forum will be a musical treat for classic fans.

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