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AAAA: Asian American bands rock Chinatown (N.Y.C. – US)

Posted by ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir) on August 11, 2007

Asian American bands rock Chinatown NYC!
August 11, 2007
a concert produced by Asian American Arts Alliance

Abstract Vision, Bora Yoon, Chinese Music Ensemble, Falu, Happyfunsmile 

Abstract Vision (Fahad Rizvi) - Staten Island based Hip-Hop artist of Pakistani-American descent, and a product of the great culture of his native city where multiple worlds coalesce. 

Bora Yoon - performance artist, composer, and multi-instrumental sound architect who has toured from the Brooklyn Academy of Music to Melbourne, Australia.

The Chinese Music Ensemble - the oldest, largest and only full scale Chinese orchestra in the United States, with a repertoire spanning ancient classical to modern compositions. 

Falu - a classically trained Indian vocalist who fuses the Hindi vibe with inventive rock, backed by local NYC musicians Gaurav Shah, Mark Tewarson, Justin Wallace, Borahm Lee, Ramsey Jones, and Greg Gonzalez. 

happyfunsmile - an irresistable blend of okinawan pop, electric folk songs (ultraminyo), supersweet ballads (enka), festival rhythms and Japanese obon beats.

---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

photo (l-r): Indo Pak Coalition, The Jack Lords, Koba & DJ Boo, Slanty Eyed Mam, Stone Forest Ensemble 

The Jack Lords - a dance-worthy band that takes the musical stylings of pop/rock and adds some of the subtle, sweet twangs of the Islands of Hawaii. 

Koba & DJ Boo - Koba is an inventive, irreverent and unrepentantly radical MC slash producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY who creates music with nothing less than the entire globe in his sights. The formidable DJ Boo provides the backbone to Koba's signature sweat-drenched live show. 

Indo-Pak Coalition - Synthesizing jazz with the astutely improvised musical forms of South Asia, Indo-Pak Coalition (led by Indian-American saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa) transcends any preconception of Indo-jazz fusion.

Slanty Eyed Mama - Two Asian girls, classically trained and gone badassed. Poet/comedian/actor Kate Rigg and Lyris Hung find a voice for generasian-next. 

The Stone Forest Ensemble - a Classical/World Music/Hip-Hop fusion, consisting of Jie-Song Zhang (Emcee and Electric Violinist), Alex "Krussia" Kalnev (Beatboxer), Varuni Tiruchelvam (Cellist), and Joshua Benson (percussionist)

Asian American Arts Alliance is dedicated to strengthening Asian American arts & cultural groups in NYC through funding, visibility initiatives, and access to new resources. We are a diverse alliance of artists, organizations, and individual supporters who believe that working together as a pan-ethnic, multidisciplinary community is essential to nurturing the development of artists and arts organizations, and to providing a political voice for this community.

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